1    Rethinking the Humanities “Crisis”

Are the Humanities Really in Crisis? (Chronicle of Higher Education)

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Max Weber Invented the Crisis of the Humanities (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Why Students Should Think Like Shakespeare
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
What Do the Humanities Do in a Crisis?
(The New Yorker)
The Language Arts Are in Steep Decline  (Minding the Campus)
How Political Ideology Is Pushing Religion Out of Religious Studies  (James G. Martin Center)
Critical Care  (National Association of Scholars)
Why We Must Teach Western Civilization  (National Review)

3   History Down, Cannabis Up

Subjects Matter: It Is Past Time to Rescue the Study of History From Its Present Decline (Public Discourse)
The Discipline That Is Transforming Higher Ed
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
This University Will Be the Latest to Offer a Cannabis Major (Washington Post)

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It’s Time to Tackle Promiscuous Degree Requirements (American Enterprise Institute)
Reinvigorating the Teaching of American History
(James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
The New Ph.D.
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
How a Physics Department Became One of the Country’s Largest Producersof Majors
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

7   Campus Leaders Prepare for Worst-Case Scenarios

Moody’s Lowers Higher Ed Outlook to Negative Amid Coronavirus Crisis (Education Dive)
If the Coronavirus Collapses State Budgets, What Will Happen to Public Colleges? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
An Admissions Bet Goes Bust (Chronicle of Higher Education)
How to Steer Your Campus Through a Recession
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

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The Hard Choices Presidents Will Have to Make (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Rules Eased on Colleges Seeking to Close Their Campuses Amid Outbreak (New York Times)
‘The Worst-Case Scenario’: What Financial Disclosures Tell Us About Coronavirus’s Strain on Colleges So Far
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Congress Is Poised to Pass a Coronavirus Stimulus Deal. Here’s What’s in It for Higher Ed. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Great Recession Was Bad for Higher Education. Coronavirus Could Be Worse.
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Big Bill for Canceling March Madness Has Arrived at the NCAA
(Wall Street Journal)
University of Notre Dame to Reject Federal Stimulus Money (Wall Street Journal)
Virus Pushes Colleges to the Breaking Point, Forcing ‘Hard Choices’ About Education  (Wall Street Journal)
Harvard to Have a Fall Semester, but Details Unclear  (Wall Street Journal)
Critical Care  (National Association of Scholars)
More campuses moving toward reopening in the fall  (The College Fix)
Coronavirus bursts the US college education bubble  (Financial Times)
Colleges Must Cut Administrative Costs to Survive This Crisis  (Real Clear Education)
How the Coronavirus Might — or Might Not — Slow Research Universities’ Ambitions  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
How to Bridge the Mutual Distrust Between Leaders and Professors Amid Covid-19  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
As U.S. Offers Relief, Pandemic-Stricken Colleges Ponder the Risks of Taking It  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
How to Address the Elephant in the Room: Academic Costs  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Why public colleges and universities — which educate nearly 75 percent of students — need help from Congress now  (Washington Post)
DeVos Criticized on Emergency Grants  (Inside Higher Ed)
‘I’m Bewildered’: For Tiny Colleges, Federal Covid-19 Stimulus Is a Windfall  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
180 congressmen support call for US$26bn research support  (University World News)
UW-Madison accepts nearly $10M in federal COVID aid — still enacts pay cuts, furloughs  (The College Fix)
Repurposing Campus Spaces  (Inside Higher Ed)
Guidance for Reopening Campuses  (Academe Blog)
America’s Colleges & Universities Awarded $12.5 Billion In Coronavirus Bailout – Who Can Get It And How Much  (Forbes)
Six Ways To Keep American Universities Alive  (Forbes)
3 Ideas to Reduce Educational Disparities Post-Pandemic  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Purdue’s Smart Approach To COVID-19: Planning For Fall  (Forbes)
What has happened when campuses shut down for other disasters? A coronavirus case study  (The Hechinger Report)
Here’s a List of Colleges’ Plans for Reopening in the Fall  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Its Eyes on the Fall, One Campus Is Conducting a Public-Health Dry Run. Here’s What That Looks Like  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

11    Wanted: More Openness in Presidential Searches

The Costs of Secret Presidential Searches (Academe Blog)

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University Trustees Are Often Clueless: Does It Matter? (Independent Institute)

12    The Covid Wrecking Ball: Colleges Adjust to a New Normal Amid Uncertainties About the Future 

If Coronavirus Patients Overwhelm Hospitals, These Colleges Are Offering Their Dorms (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Frozen Searches
(Inside Higher Ed)
Canceled and Altered Summer Programs Will Cost Colleges Hundreds of Millions
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
How the Last Recession Affected Higher Education. Will History Repeat? (Hechinger Report)

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Colleges Prepare for Coronavirus Outbreaks on Campus
(Wall Street Journal)
Questions Without Answers on Admissions (Inside Higher Ed)
How to Ensure a Successful Opening This Fall
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Prominent Scholars Threaten to Boycott Colleges That Don’t Support Contingent Faculty During Pandemic  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Georgetown University grad students get first union contract, in win for student labor movement  (Washington Post)
Now — Yes, Now — Is the Time for Contingent Faculty to Organize  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

13   The Demand for Coronavirus Refunds Grows

Colleges That Closed Dorms Amid Pandemic Are Refunding Students’ Money, Right? Not Everywhere (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Did You Know? The College Systems Giving Students COVID-19 Refunds (James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
College Students Demand Coronavirus Refunds (Wall Street Journal)

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To Fight Coronavirus, Colleges Sent Students Home. Now Will They Refund Tuition? (Wall Street Journal)
It’s Decision Time for Colleges: Do We Give Coronavirus Refunds?
(Wall Street Journal)
As Liberty University Reports First Covid-19 Case, Students and Parents Grapple With Conflicting Information
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Stimulus Aid For College Students is Slow to Reach Campuses  (Politico)
Liberty University Student Files Class Action Suit Against School Over Coronavirus ‘Profiting’ (Forbes)

14    Uncertain Times Call for Aggressive Recruitment Strategies—Including Prizes and Sweepstakes!


Act Now!’ Say Hello to the New Enrollment Playbook (Chronicle of Higher Education)
CoronavirusCreates College Uncertainty, Admissions Gets Easier
(Wall Street Journal)
This College Wants Students to Commit Soon. So It’s Running an ‘Early Deposit Awards Program.’
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

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2020: The Year That Shredded the Admissions Calendar (Chronicle of Higher Education)
How the Coronavirus Has Upended College Admissions (Hechinger Report)
Colleges Could Lose 20% of Students (Inside Higher Education)
How to Get Emergency Coronavirus Aid at One University: Sign Up for Summer School (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Colleges Are Urged to Reassess Admissions Policies Because of ‘Extraordinary Hardships’ Covid-19 Poses (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Some Colleges Plan to Open in the Fall. Will Students Show Up? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Colleges Running Low on Money Worry Students Will Vanish, Too (The New York Times)
How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Shattered the Myth of College in America (The New Yorker)
With Decisions Coming Due, Sleepless High School Seniors Worry College May Not Be Worth It (The Hechinger Report)
As More Students Decide to Put Off College, Anxious Universities Tap Wait Lists (The New York Times)
Coronavirus Leaves Students and Colleges Playing Waiting Game (Wall Street Journal)
Incoming College Students Could Take Gap Year Over Covid-19 Uncertainty (Wall Street Journal)
Colleges need students to decide. Students aren’t ready. And everyone’s nervous about fall (Washington Post)
More than 700 colleges report open slots for fall (Education Dive)
The Coronavirus Enrollment Crash (Chronicle of Higher Education)

15     In the Wake of Covid-19, More Colleges Go Test Optional


Dozens of Colleges and Universities Are Dropping SAT/ACT Requirements for Fall 2021 Applicants, and Some for Longer (Washington Post)
Students May Be Able to Take SAT, ACT at Home Due to Coronavirus (Wall Street Journal)
UC to Ease Admission Requirements: No SAT, No Letter Grades Due to Coronavirus
(Los Angeles Times)
University of California Suspends Standardized Test Requirements for a Year (Wall Street Journal)

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Standardized Tests—Including the SAT—Are Being Canceled or Delayed Amid Coronavirus Pandemic (Washington Post)
Much of ACT and SAT College Entrance Testing Halted Because of Coronavirus
(Washington Post)
UC Dropped the SAT And ACT Amid Coronavirus. Here’s Why Some Want Them Back Next Year (Los Angeles Times)
UC and Cal State Relax Admissions Criteria Due to Coronavirus: What You Need to Know
(Los Angeles Times)
SAT Wars: Report Bolsters Idea of Dropping SAT, ACT Tests for UC Admission (Los Angeles Times)
A Pandemic Isn’t Grounds to Abolish the SAT  (The New York Times)
Major counseling group says it’s time to reconsider standardized testing in college admissions  (Washington Post)
Admissions Field’s New Leader Hopes to ‘Reinvent Enrollment and College Access’  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Will COVID Kill the SAT?  (The American Conservative)

16     Coming Soon: At-Home SAT, ACT, and AP Tests

College Board Cancels June SAT Tests and Floats an ‘Unlikely’ Scenario:College Admission Exams at Home (Washington Post)
College Board Says It Can Give Valid, Secure Online SAT at Home. Critics and Some Colleges Disagree.
(Washington Post)
Covid-19 Prompts College Board to Cancel June SAT and Prepare for At-Home Exam
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Coronavirus Education Upheaval: Shorter Online Versions of Advanced Placement Exams Replace Regular AP Tests
(Washington Post)

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At Home or at School, in May or in June: Advanced Placement Exams Will Go on Despite Coronavirus(Washington Post)
17     Did Scandal Change Admission Policies?

There’s a Lot of Talk About Changing College Admissions After the Varsity Blues Scandal—Don’t Hold Your Breath (Washington Post)
Canadian Executive Set to Plead Guilty in College Admissions Scandal
(Wall Street Journal)
California Mother Sentenced to Five Months of Prison in College Admissions Scandal (Washington Post)
Latest College-Admissions Cheating Defendant Sentenced to Prison
(Wall Street Journal)
Parents in College-Admissions Case Push to Dismiss Charges (Wall Street Journal)
A Big-Name College Drops Legacy Admissions. Will Others Follow? (Christian Science Monitor)
Legacy Preference Gets Fresh Look Following College Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)

Further Reading
Parents in College-Admissions Case Push to Dismiss Charges (Wall Street Journal)
Former UT Austin Tennis Coach Sentenced to Six Months in Prison in College Admissions Case
(Wall Street Journal)
Hot Pockets Scion Given Five-Month Prison Term in College Admissions Case
(Wall Street Journal)
Epstein, as an Ex-Convict, Kept Close Ties to Harvard  (The New York Times)

18     Michigan Provost Placed on Leave After Sexual Misconduct Accusations

U. of Michigan Ousts Provost Accused of Sexual Misconduct (Chronicle of Higher Education)
U. of Rochester Will Pay $9.4 Million to Settle Long-Running Sexual-Harassment Battle
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Ohio State University Reaches Settlement With Nearly Half of Claimants in Sex-Abuse Suits (Wall Street Journal)
Universities Follow Similar Playbook in Sex Assault Response (Washington Times)

Further Reading
University of Michigan President Apologizes to Any Victims of Abuse by Deceased Doctor (Wall Street Journal)
University of Michigan Fires Chief Academic Officer Following Misconduct Allegations
(Wall Street Journal)
Liability Everywhere (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Education Dept. Finds ‘Shocking’ Failures in Sexual-Abuse Investigation at USC (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Education Dept. Would Let Students Question Their Rape Accusers. At Some Colleges, That’s Already How It Works.
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

19   Staying Closed Until 2021? 

Universities Begin Considering the Possibility of Canceling In-Person Classes Until 2021 (CNN.com)
College Enrollment Likely to Drop as Schools Consider Staying Closed Until 2021
The Next Casualty of the Coronavirus Crisis May Be the Academic Calendar
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading

Planning for the Fall Is Like ‘Driving Through a Dense Fog’  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
What’s Behind Colleges’ Bullish Statements on Their Fall Plans?  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
What If Colleges Don’t Reopen Until 2021?  (The Atlantic)
20    Study Abroad From the Comfort of Home

Universities Pulling Students From Italy And South Korea as Coronavirus Outbreak Spreads (Washington Post)
Coronavirus: Colleges Experiment With Stay-at-Home ‘Study Abroad’ Programs

Further Reading
International Graduate Enrollments Rebound (Chronicle of Higher Education)
First a School Trip Abroad, Then the Coronavirus. Now a City Is Shaken (Wall Street Journal)
All Universities Asked to ‘Consider’ Cancelling Exchanges
(University World News)
Coronavirus Prompts Colleges to Send Students Home
(Wall Street Journal)
UC System Suspends All Nonessential Travel to China Amid Coronavirus Fears
(Los Angeles Times)

21    In the Midst of Pandemic, Betsy DeVos Overhauls Title IX

18 Attorneys General Urge Ed Dept to Hold Off on New Title IX Rules Amid Coronavirus Crisis (Education Dive)
What Colleges Need to Know About the New Title IX Rules
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
6 Questions Colleges Are Asking About the New Title IX Regulations
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Betsy DeVos Announces New Rules on Campus Sexual Assault, Offering More Rights to the Accused
(Washington Post)
New Campus Sexual-Harassment Rule Aims to Boost Rights for Accused
(Wall Street Journal)
DeVos’s Rules Bolster Rights of Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct
(New York Times)

Further Reading
The Next Wave of #MeToo (Chronicle of Higher Education)
At This Texas Campus, Sexual Harassers Can Now Expect to Be Fired
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Betsy DeVos cites liberal icons to justify due process in new campus sexual misconduct rules  (The College Fix)

22     Fearing Espionage, Feds Crack Down on Universities That Fail to Disclose Foreign Funding

Education Department Investigating Harvard, Yale Over Foreign Funding (Wall Street Journal)
U.S. Investigates Harvard and Yale Over Foreign Revenue Sources (Washington Post)
The Thousand Traitors Program
(National Association of Scholars)

Further Reading
‘Moving the Goalposts’: What You Need to Know About DeVos’s Closer Scrutiny of Foreign Gifts (Chronicle of Higher Education)
NAS Applauds the Foreign Influence Transparency Act
(National Association of Scholars)
Senator Chuck Grassley Issues Stern Warning About Confucius Institutes (National Association of Scholars)
China Hawks in Congress See an Opportunity in Coronavirus (New York Times)
Trump Administration Considers Punishing Chinese News Organizations
(New York Times)
Foreign Funding of Universities Reveals $1 Billion ‘Black Hole  (Clarion Project)
U.S. Probes University of Texas Links to Chinese Lab Scrutinized Over Coronavirus  (Wall Street Journal)
Citing theft, spying and propaganda, GOP lawmakers probe China’s ‘infiltration’ of U.S. colleges  (The College Fix)
American Colleges Watch for Changes at Chinese Universities (Wall Street Journal)
Chinese Universities Are Enshrining Communist Party Control in Their Charters (National Public Radio)
23     Culture Wars Continue: One Student’s Freedom of Speech is Another’s Racial Slur


Both Liberals and Conservatives Tell the Wrong Story About Free Speech on College Campuses (Market Watch)
The Power of Liberal Peer Condemnation on Conservatives
(Minding the Campus)
College Climate Surveys Needed to Understand Free Expression on Campus
(James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
Students, Professors and Politics (Inside Higher Education)
When the Culture War Comes to Class
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Taking Power in the Academy
(First Things)
Who’s Afraid of Western Civ?
Missouri and Iowa Legislators Introduce Campus Intellectual Diversity Bills
(National Association of Scholars)
How Far Will Higher Ed’s Culture Wars Go? South Dakota Is Running Previews (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
Evidence That Conservative Students Really Do Self-Censor (The Atlantic)
The Philosophical Force Driving the Fight to Rewrite History (James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)   The Economist Tries to Mislead about Liberal Bias in Academia (National Association of Scholars)  
Ideology and the War on For-Profit
Colleges (Wall Street Journal)
Jordan Peterson: Torture by Bad Journalism
(Minding the Campus)
Justice vs. Conformity at Scalia Law
(Wall Street Journal)
It’s Time to Afflict the Comfortable in Higher Ed (American Greatness)
How woke illiberalism is killing the academy  (Spiked)
Ideological diversity, hostility, and discrimination in philosophy  (Philosophical Psychology)

24    The Diversity Bureaucracy: A Ponzi Scheme?

Call It a Ponzi Scheme (City Journal)
Dozens of Colleges Pledged to Enroll More Low-Income Students. So Why Did Their Numbers Go Down?
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
We Know What Works to Close the Completion Gap (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading

Millionaire College Administrators Worry Coronavirus Might Expose Their Scam (Washington Examiner)
Can Top Colleges Sustain Their Campaign to Enroll Lower-Income Students? (Education Dive)

25    The Post-Pandemic Campus  

Editorial: Coronavirus Outbreak Gives Colleges a Chance to Revive a System Already Breaking (Los Angeles Times)
How Should Colleges Prepare for a Post-Pandemic World?
(Chronicleof Higher Education)

Further Reading
The Recession-Proof College (Chronicle of Higher Education)
A Scholar’s Lament
(James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
How Economic Collapse and a World War Transformed Higher Ed—and Why Things Will Be Different This Time (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Are American Universities Becoming Multinational Institutions?  (American Greatness)
‘Alt-Ed’ Ventures Could Gain Traction in an Uncertain Fall  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Pandemic Is the Time to Resurrect the Public University  (The New Yorker)
The Post-Pandemic University  (City Journal)

26     College Subscriptions and AI Teaching Assistants

Subscribing to College and Other Visions of Higher Education’s Future (Hechinger Report)

Further Reading
The Higher Education Learning Crisis (International Affairs Forum)
Making Governance Work
(Higher Ed Works)
Time for a Digital-Cyber Land Grant System

27    Digital Campuses Gaining Parity with Traditional Ones

The College President Who Simply Won’t Raise Tuition (The Atlantic)
Colleges Are Raising the Profile of Online Leadership
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading

Coronavirus accelerates the trend of distance learning  (The Hechinger Report)

28  Free College is Still Alive

Biden’s Free College Plan Is a Solution in Search of a Problem (National Review)
The Cost of Free College Plans (National Affairs)
USC Offers Free Tuition to Students Whose Families Make $80,000 or Less
(New York Times)

Further Reading

UC Regents Postpone Vote on Tuition Increase, Citing Coronavirus Uncertainties (Los Angeles Times)
College Students are Rebelling Against Full Tuition After Classes Move Online (Washington Post)
Counting on Employer-Paid Tuition Is Hardly a Safe Strategy Anymore. What Now? (Chronicle of Higher Education)  
University of California Offers Perkins Loan Borrowers Relief. Will Other Colleges Follow?
(Washington Post)

29    DeVos Agrees to Process Applications for Loan Forgiveness

DeVos Reaches Settlement Over Stalled Student Debt Relief Claims (Washington Post)
Senate Republicans Join Democrats in Rejecting DeVos’s Borrower-Defense Rules
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading

House Democrats to DeVos: Agree to Testify About Student Debt Relief Claims or Face a Subpoena (Washington Post)
Editorial: Why Is It So Hard For Betsy DeVos to Provide Debt Relief and Loan Forgiveness to Students? (Los Angeles Times)
For-Profit Film School Turned Their Hollywood Dreams Into Student Debt Nightmares (Los Angeles Times)
Feds to give former Art Institute students a new opportunity for loan forgiveness (Washington Post)

30    Congress and UC System Suspend Student Loan Payments

Worried About Your Student Loans? Here’s What the Government Is, and Is Not, Doing to Help. (Washington Post)
University of California Offers Perkins Loan Borrowers Relief. Will Other Colleges Follow? (Washington Post)

Further Reading

Housing and Food Insecurity Affecting Many College Students, New Data Says (Washington Post)
Is Food Insecurity on Campus a Problem? (James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
Private Nonprofit Colleges With the Biggest Increases in Shares of Pell Grant Recipients
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
American Higher Education: Beset With Problems, but Solutions Exist
(James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
Who Holds America’s $1.5-Trillion Student-Loan Debt?
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Student-Loan Debt Relief Offers Support to an Economy Battered by Coronavirus (Wall Street Journal)
Trump Administration Lets Borrowers Suspend Federal Student Loan Payments
(Washington Post)

31    The High Cost of Income-Driven Repayment Plans

Growing Federal Subsidies for Graduate Loan Debt (Inside Higher Education)
Unraveling the Complexity of America’s Student-Loan Debt (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading

For Student Borrowers, Confusion Anew in the Public-Service Loan-Forgiveness Program (Washington Post)