2    Interest Fades in the Humanities, Except at Elite Schools

Goodbye Humanities—Hating White Males Is Not a Curriculum (Minding the Campus)
The Decline of Historical Thinking
(New Yorker)
Rising GOP Senator Takes Aim at Higher Ed and ‘Elites’ (Inside Higher Ed)

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The Academy’s New Favorite Hate-Read (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Agony of the Elites (Wall Street Journal) 
Fragmenting the Curriculum
(National Association of Scholars)
A Progressive Defends Liberal Education (Wall Street Journal)

3    More Professors Giving Grades an F

Has College Gotten Too Easy? (The Atlantic)
Grades Can Hinder Learning. What Should Professors Use Instead? (Chronicle of Higher Educaton)

Further Reading
Teaching Evals: Bias and Tenure (Inside Higher Ed)

5   The University of Alaska Granted Last-Minute Reprieve

Budget Compromise in Alaska (Inside Higher Ed)
Warning That Their ‘House Is on Fire,’ Alaska President Urges Regents to Act Quickly on Budget Crisis (Chronicle of Higher Education)
University of Alaska Declares Financial Emergency in Face of Deep Budget Cuts (Washington Post)
Budget Veto Could Put University of Alaska at Risk of Losing Accreditation, Agency Warns (Anchorage Daily News)
Alaska Lawmakers Fail to Avert Sweeping Cuts to the University System. Here’s What Happens Next. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
How Maine’s New Chancellor Hopes to Fix the System’s Demographic Crisis (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading 
Alaska’s University System Faces Its Fate (Chronicle of Higher Education)
University of Alaska Credit Rating Downgraded, Reflecting Financial Turmoil (Washington Post)
Alaska University System Braces For ‘Devastating’ Budget Cuts (Washington Post)
Alaska’s Data Tell a Familiar National Story (Chronicle of Higher Education)
University of Alaska Regents Delay Vote on Financial Exigency (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Political Chaos Roils Alaska As Universities Face Devastating Cuts (Washington Post)
New Retirement Deal Could Offer Relief to Pennsylvania’s Struggling Public Colleges (Chronicle of Higher Education)
As Alaska Slashes Funds to Higher Education, Will Other States Follow? (Minding the Campus)
‘Students Expect Human Contact’: Plan to Consolidate Academic Support Staff Ruffles Feathers at Lehigh (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Impact of State Cuts (Inside Higher Ed)
The Great Recession’s Lingering Impact (Inside Higher Ed)
‘Dire Financial Straits’: A Portrait of a Desperate University That Made All the Wrong Bets (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Administrative Hardball at the University of Tulsa (James Martin Center)
Divisions Within Alaska’s ‘House on Fire’ (Inside Higher Ed)
Alaska’s New Path (Inside Higher Ed)
Here’s Why Alaska’s Governor Thinks His University System Needs Steep Cuts — and Why Experts Say He’s Wrong (Chronicle of Higher Education)
How Higher Education Became a Pawn in the Partisan Forever War (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Seventeen Questions Every College Should Be Asking (The Atlantic)

7    Mergers Aren’t Always Bad News

The Rewards and Risks of Outsourcing. College Leaders Weigh In. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
It’s Time Colleges Stopped Feeling Shame About Mergers
(Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
Its City Was Hurting. The Schools Were Strapped. So This University Took Charge. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
At Colleges, What's Old Is New: Retirees Living on Campus (New York Times)

8     Hillsdale College Sues Mizzou, Claiming Mismanagement of Endowment Funds

Hillsdale College Sues U. of Missouri for a Dead Donor’s Money. It Gets Weirder. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
What Are the Ethics of Taking Tainted Funds? (New York Times)

9    College Board Ditches Controversial SAT “Adversity Score”

College Board Abandoning SAT ‘Adversity Score’ After Criticism (Los Angeles Times)
Let’s Clarify a Few Things About the New ‘Adversity Score.’ (First, Stop Calling It That.)
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
SAT to Give Students ‘Adversity Score’ to Capture Social and Economic Background (Wall Street Journal)
Grievance Proxies (City Journal)
The Final Corruption of the SAT’s (Minding the Campus)
Let’s Clarify a Few Things About the New ‘Adversity Score.’ (First, Stop Calling It That) (Chronicle of Higher Education)
College Board Retreats on Plan for Single ‘Adversity’ Rating to Go with SAT Score (Washington Post)
College Board Overhauls ‘Adversity Index’ (Inside Higher Ed)

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The New and Unimproved SAT (Wall Street Journal)
Jefferson, Adams, and the SAT’s New Adversity Factor (New Yorker)
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Many More Students, Especially the Affluent, Get Extra Time to Take the SAT (Wall Street Journal)
Coming Soon to the SAT: An ‘Adversity Score’ Offering a Snapshot of Challenges Students Face (Washington Post)
SAT ‘Adversity Score’: Sincere Effort to Address Diversity or PR Stunt? (US News)
There’s a Far Bigger Scandal on Campus than Parent Bribes (The Independent)
Facing Criticism, College Board Backs Away From ‘Adversity Score’ (Chronicle of Higher Education)
College Board Drops Plans for SAT Student Adversity Scores (Wall Street Journal)
More American Colleges Turn to Chinese Admissions Test (Inside Higher Ed)
Beefing Up the College Scorecard (Inside Higher Ed)
The College-Admissions Mess (Wall Street Journal)
An Ultra-Selective College Dropped the ACT/SAT. And Then What? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
What College Admissions Offices Really Want  (New York Times)

11    More State Colleges Are Choosing to Freeze Tuition

Virginia Public Colleges Freeze Tuition for Coming School Year (Washington Post)
What Can Other Universities Learn from Purdue’s Tuition Freeze? (James Martin)
UC Regents Agree to Raise Tuition for Students Who Live Outside California (Los Angeles Times)

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The Case for Saying No to Tuition Increases (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Colleges That Spent Far Less or More on Instruction Than They Brought In in Tuition and Fees, 2016–17 (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Getting the Price Just Right (Chronicle of Higher Education)

12    Early Decision Is Back at UVa

U-Va. to Become Only Major State Flagship School with Binding ‘Early Decision’ Admissions (Washington Post)
UVa Eliminated Early Decision in 2006 to Level the Admissions Playing Field.Why Is It Coming Back? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
SAT to Give Students ‘Adversity Score’ to Capture Social and Economic Background (Wall Street Journal)
Debating Diversity (Harvard Magazine)

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‘Born to Win, Schooled to Lose’ (Inside Higher Ed)
What College Admissions Offices Really Want  (New York Times)
An Admissions Group Is Scrambling to Delete Parts of Its Ethical Code. That Could Mean Big Changes for Higher Ed. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

13   UCLA Ignored Bribery-Scandal Red Flags

The Origins of an Admissions-Bribery Mastermind Are Buried in a Confidential Report (Chronicle of Higher Education)
University of California Plans Reforms in Wake of College-Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Even After the Admissions Scandal, Colleges Won’t Check Most Applications (Wall Street Journal)
Another Day, Another Scandal, and Another Wake-Up Call for College and University Boards (AGB Blog)

Further Reading
Parents Gone Wild: High Drama Inside D.C.’s Most Elite Private School (The Atlantic)
Ex-Stanford Sailing Coach Sentenced to One Day in Admissions Bribery Scandal (Washington Post)
What We Do in the Shadows (Harper’s)
University of California Plans Reforms in Wake of College-Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
What College Admissions Offices Really Want  (New York Times)
‘Father Is Surgeon,’ ‘1 Mil Pledge’: The Role of Money in USC Admissions (Wall Street Journal)

14    Giving Up Custody for Better Financial Aid


A Fresh Abuse Rattles College Admissions: Parents Give Up Custody of Their Children to Get Student Aid (Chronicle of Higher Education)
College Financial-Aid Loophole: Wealthy Parents Transfer Guardianship of Their Teens to Get Aid (Wall Street Journal)
Amid Reports of Parents Transferring Custody of Their Children to Get Financial Aid, Education Department Recommends Steps to Prevent Fraud (Washington Post)

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Testimony Offers Different Side of Alleged Mastermind of College-Admissions Scam (Wall Street Journal)
Bribery Scandal Points to the Athletic Factor: A Major Force in College Admissions (Washington Post)
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Students Were Advised to Claim to Be Minorities in College-Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Accountant in College-Admissions Scheme Reaches Plea Agreement (Wall Street Journal)
Second Former USC Soccer Coach to Plead Guilty in College Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Prosecutors Are Looking at USC Football Great Pat Haden in College-Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
In College Admissions Scandal, Families From China Paid the Most (Wall Street Journal)
Oppenheimer Financial Adviser Connected to College Admissions Cheating Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
In College Admissions Scandal, Family Paid $6.5 Million to Get Their Daughter Into Stanford (Wall Street Journal)
College-Admissions Mess (Wall Street Journal)
Georgetown Moves to Expel Two Students in Aftermath of Admissions Scandal (Washington Post)
An Idealist Set Out to Change College Admissions. It Was a Long, Lonely Quest. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
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What If Colleges Used Only Test Scores to Fill Campuses? (Wall Street Journal)
The College Financial-Aid Guardianship Loophole and the Woman Who Thought It Up (Wall Street Journal)
Illinois Lawmakers to Investigate College Financial-Aid Loophole (Wall Street Journal)

15     Harvard Revokes Parkland Survivor’s Admission


Parkland Survivor and Former Turning Point Activist Says Harvard Pulled His Admission After Racist Speech Surfaced (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Parkland Activist Says Harvard Revoked His Offer of Admission (Washington Post)

Further Reading
How Harvard Should Handle the Kyle Kashuv Mess (The Atlantic)
Is Harvard an Embarrassment? Part II: Kyle Kashuv And David Hogg (Forbes)

16     Desperate Housewives Star Gets 14 Days in College Admissions Scandal

By Turns Tearful and Stoic, Felicity Huffman Gets 14-Day Prison Sentence (New York Times)
Felicity Huffman Gets 14 Days in Jail in College Admission Scandal (Washington Post)
At Felicity Huffman’s Sentencing, Here’s How the Drama Unfolded
(Boston Globe)

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Actress Felicity Huffman Pleads Guilty for Her Role in College Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Nope, You’re Not Special.’ How the College Scam Mastermind Recruited Families (Wall Street Journal)

17     AU Wants to Force Faculty to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns

American University Official Says It Plans to Mandate Use of Preferred Pronouns (College Fix) 

Further Reading
‘Panic Attack’ on Campus Radicals (Inside Higher Ed)
The Truth-Teller (James Martin Center)

18     Tenure Continues to Dog Faculty

Allegations of Different Tenure Standards (Inside Higher Ed)
Teaching Evals: Bias and Tenure  (Inside Higher Ed)
A Violation of Shared Governance (Inside Higher Ed)
Slow Going on Faculty Diversity (Inside Higher Ed)
Let the Professors Run the University  (Inside Higher Ed)

Further Reading
A Call for Open, Respectful Debate (Inside Higher Ed)
Corporation Supports Decisions to Not Renew Sullivan, Sanction Dominguez (The Crimson)
‘Because We Know That Strikes Work’: College Unions Leverage Publicity in Tough Contract Battles (Chicago Tribune)
‘A Sweet Racket’? Yeah, Right (Inside Higher Ed)
Strikes at Colleges Are at a 7-Year High as Unions Rebound (Chronicle of Higher Education)

19   More Poor and Minority Students Are Attending College, but Faculty Diversity Has Stalled 

Study Finds More Low-Income Students Attending College (Inside Higher Ed)
Slow Going on Faculty Diversity (Inside Higher Ed)
Diversity’s Worst Failure—the Faculty (Minding the Campus)

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An Acceptable Prejudice (First Things)
‘The College Completion Glass—Half-Full or Half-Empty?’ (Inside Higher Ed)
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Disputes Over Diversity Disrupt Presidential Searches at 2 Public Universities (Chronicle of Higher Education)
A Lame Case for Diversity (James Martin Center)
The Intersectionality Wars (Vox)

20    Students Sue DeVos and Department

Virginia College Students Sue DeVos for Reinstating Controversial For-Profit College Accreditor (Washington Post)
Rewriting the Rules for Accreditors (Inside Higher Ed)
The Education Dept. Wants Accreditors to Compete. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
Rewriting the Rule Book for College Accreditors (Inside Higher Ed)
How the Education Dept. Is Proposing to Ease Rules on Accreditation (Chronicle of Higher Education)

21    University of Texas Sued Again

U. of Texas Is Sued Over Affirmative Action in Admissions. Yes, Again. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
What If Colleges Used Only Test Scores to Fill Campuses? (Wall Street Journal)
Who Would SAT-Only Admissions Help? White, Affluent Students (Chronicle of Higher Education)

22     Scandals Rocks the Midwest

Dozens of Men Who Went to Ohio State Are Suing the University. They Claim a Doctor Was a Sexual Predator (CNN)
Ohio State Sports Doctor Sexually Abused at Least 177 Men (Chronicle of Higher Education)
2 Decades of Abuse, 177 Victims, No Action (Inside Higher Ed)
Former Michigan State Dean Sentenced to One Year in Jail for Misconduct, Neglect of Duty (Wall Street Journal)
Millions for Ex–Michigan State Prez Are a Symptom of What Ails Colleges (AEI)

Further Reading 
A Federal Court Takes on Title IX (Minding the Campus)
Michigan State’s Ex-President, Who Faces Criminal Charges, Will Retire With a $2.5-Million Payout (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Michigan State Names New President to Move Forward From Nassar Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Ohio State Finds 177 Cases of Abuse of Former Students (Inside Higher Ed)
Dragging a President Into Court (Inside Higher Ed)
California Takes Aim at NCAA Pay Ban (Wall Street Journal)
California Is Poised to Challenge the NCAA Over Amateurism. Here’s What Could Happen Next. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
A California Bill Would Put College Athletes on a Collision Course With the NCAA — and Their Universities (Chronicle of Higher Education)
NCAA President Mark Emmert Is the Lord of a Feudal State That Knows Its Time Is Over (Washington Post)
It’s Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges (The Atlantic)
Michigan State University Fined $4.5 Million for Sex-Crime Reporting Failures (Wall Street Journal)
DeVos imposes record $4.5 million fine on Michigan State for systemic failure to address sexual abuse (Washington Post)
Education Dept. Levies $4.5-Million Fine Against Michigan State Over Nassar Scandal (Chronicle of Higher Education)

23     First-Ever Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against a University for Due Process Violations


Suit Seeks to Protect Students Accused of Sexual Assault (Inside Higher Ed)

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A Question of Authority (Inside Higher Ed)
Another Win for an Accused Student (Inside Higher Ed)
Constitutional Due Process at Private Institutions? (Inside Higher Ed)
Returning Due Process to Campus (City Journal)
The Revolt of the Feminist Law Profs (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Harvard Places Star Economist Fryer on Unpaid Leave for Sexual-Harassment Violations (Wall Street Journal) 
Dartmouth Women Reach Preliminary $14-Million Settlement With College (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Texas Professors Could Be Criminally Charged if They Don’t Report Sexual Violence (Chronicle of Higher Education)

24     Free Speech: From Birth of a Nation to Gibson’s Bakery

The Quote That Dare Not Speak Its Name (Inside Higher Ed)
The Birth of a Nation (Minding the Campus)
Another Year, Another Controversy Over Penn’s Grenade-Throwing Legal Scholar. How Will This One Play Out? (Chronicle of Higher Education) 
Where Amy Wax and Her Critics Agree (Wall Street Journal)
Oberlin Helped Students Defame a Bakery, a Jury Says. The Punishment: $33 Million. (New York Times)

Further Reading
As White Supremacists Try to Remake History, Scholars Seek to Preserve the Record (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Damage that Harvard Has Done (Atlantic)
Public Colleges Seek Ways to Pull Up the Welcome Mat for White-Nationalist and Other Extremist Speakers (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Harvard Law Professor Ousted From Deanship, Leaves Weinstein Defense Team (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Free Speech on Campus Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You (Atlantic)
South Dakota’s Efforts to Protect Speech on Campus Could Be a Model for the Nation (National Review)
Was Harvard’s Dismissal of Sullivan From Resident-Faculty Role Just? It Depends on Whom You Ask (Chronicle of Higher Education)
South Dakota’s Efforts to Protect Speech on Campus Could Be a Model for the Nation (National Review)
Reforming Higher Education: A Reading List (Martin Center)
Viewpoint Diversity Includes Conservative Thought (Spectator USA)
Republicans Don’t Understand Democrats—And Democrats Don’t Understand Republicans (The Atlantic)

25    The Gates Foundation Attempts to Answer the Question: Is College Worth It?

College Still Pays Off, but Not for Everyone (Wall Street Journal)
New Effort to Examine Postsecondary Value (Inside Higher Ed)
The Public’s Support for (and Doubts About) Higher Ed (Inside Higher Ed)

Further Reading
No, Half of Young Americans Don’t Believe College Is Unnecessary (Inside Higher Ed)
Is College Worth It? Yes (Inside Higher Ed)
Everyone Wants to Measure the Value of College. Now the Gates Foundation Wants a Say. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Gates Foundation Asks: Is College Worth It? (U.S. News)
At Colleges, What's Old Is New: Retirees Living on Campus (New York Times)

26     Education’s Blank Slate All Over Again

What Does It Mean to Be an Efficient University? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Mapping Out Common Ground on Accountability in Higher Education (American Enterprise Institute) 

Further Reading
Does USC Need More Housecleaning? (Inside Higher Education)
The College Bureaucracy That Never Shrinks (City Journal)
The Top-Ranked College Is… (Wall Street Journal)
Princeton and Williams top the U.S. News college rankings, yet again (Washington Post)
Oxford Tops Global University Rankings, as China Gains Anew (Wall Street Journal)
The Partisan Split Over Higher Ed? Maybe It’s Really About Who Should Pay for It (Chronicle of Higher Education)
US Export Controls Raise Research Collaboration Concerns (University World News)
Education Department Opens Inquiry Into Colleges' Foreign Funds (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Online Degrees Made USC the World’s Biggest Social Work School. Then Things Went Terribly Wrong. (Los Angeles Times)
Online Learning Startup Coursera Raises $64M at an $800M Valuation (Tech Crunch)
Purdue Global’s Growth Is Slower Than Expected, and More Takeaways From a Forum on Higher-Ed Innovation (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Another Confucius Institute Closes (Chronicle of Higher Education)

27    DeVos Issues Tough New Rules for Student Loan Forgiveness

DeVos Toughens Rules for Student Borrowers Bilked by Colleges (New York Times)
Raising the Bar for Loan Forgiveness (Inside Higher Ed)

Further Reading
Turning to Courts for Loan Forgiveness (Inside Higher Ed)
GAO Says a Popular Student Loan Repayment Plan Is Susceptible to Fraud (Washington Post)
Education Dept. Scores a Victory in Long-Standing Battle With Private Debt Collectors (Washington Post)
Even Harvard Is Now Teaching Personal Finance (Wall Street Journal)
Trump Administration’s Take on Transparency and Deregulation (Inside Higher Ed)
Battle Lines Drawn on a Student Loan Alternative (Inside Higher Ed)
Making the FAFSA Mandatory (Inside Higher Ed)
Six Figures in Debt for a Master’s Degree (Inside Higher Ed)
Colleges Scramble to Report Financial Risks (Inside Higher Ed)
The Merit Aid Illusion: The Hidden Winners in a Competition for Affluent College Students (American Enterprise Institute)
Trump to Lift Ban on Federal Funding for Faith-Based Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Washington Examiner)
U.S. Unveils Rules on Forgiving Student Loans After School Fraud (Wall Street Journal)

28  Support for Free College Grows, Despite Evidence Against It

Young People Support Free College (Inside Higher Ed)
International Higher Education Rankings: Why No Country’s Higher Education System Can Be the Best (American Enterprise Institute)
The Global Evidence Against Free College (Inside Higher Ed)
Does Free College Work? Kalamazoo Offers Some Answers (Wall Street Journal)
Washington State Moves Toward Free and Reduced College Tuition, With Businesses Footing the Bill (New York Times)
Free Tuition—After a Drug Test (Inside Higher Ed)

Further Reading

Who’ll Take a Pay Cut for Free College? (Wall Street Journal)
Boosting Aid With a Tax on Business (Inside Higher Ed)

29    Debt Cancellation Goes Mainstream

Sanders vs. Warren on College Debt Relief (Inside Higher Ed)
Warren Zeroes In on Race (Inside Higher Ed)
Billionaire Robert F. Smith Pledges to Pay Off Morehouse College Class of 2019’s Student Loans (Washington Post)
The Search for a Moderate Solution to Debt Relief (Inside Higher Ed)

Further Reading

Warren Draws Contrast on Debt Relief Plans (Inside Higher Ed)
States Put Stamp on Student Loan Oversight (Inside Higher Ed)
Democratic Divisions on Higher Ed (Inside Higher Ed)
Top Higher Ed Debate in 2019? Big Solutions for Borrowers (Inside Higher Ed)
Here’s What's Wrong With Bernie's Plan to Eliminate Student Loan Debt (American Institute of Economic Research)
Sanders Proposes Canceling Entire $1.6 Trillion in U.S. Student Loan Debt, Escalating Democratic Policy Battle (Washington Post)

30    As Debt Surges, the White House Studies Ways to Ease the Strain on Taxpayers

U.S. Student-Loan Program Now Runs a Deficit, CBO Estimates (Wall Street Journal)
The Long Road to the Student Debt Crisis (Wall Street Journal)
Trump Administration Hires McKinsey to Evaluate Student-Loan Portfolio (Wall Street Journal) 

31    Teachers Sue Betsy DeVos Over Loan Forgiveness Debacle

In Lawsuit, Teachers Accuse Education Department of Botching Public-Service Loans (Chronicle of Higher Education)
American Federation of Teachers Sues Betsy DeVos Over Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (Washington Post)
Broken Promises: Teachers Sue U.S. Over Student Loans That Weren’t Forgiven (NPR)

Further Reading
Teachers Sue Betsy DeVos Over Public-Service Debt Forgiveness (Wall Street Journal)