2    Online Schools: What’s it Worth?

College Courses Online Are Disappointing. Here’s How to Fix Them. (New York Times)
Plexiglass Won’t Save Us (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Don’t Kid Yourself: Online Lectures Are Here to Stay (New York Times)
Why the Move to Online Instruction Won’t Reduce College Costs (Brookings Institution)
‘The Virus Beat Us’: Colleges Are Increasingly Going Online for Fall 2020 Semester as COVID-19 Cases Rise (USA Today)
American University Reverses Course, Will Start Fall Term Online Only (Washington Post)
Georgetown University Reverses Plans, Will Start Fall Semester Online (Washington Post)
Some Colleges Planned Early for an Online Fall. Here’s What They Learned. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
What Harvard and Commuter Colleges Now Have in Common (New York Times)
Did You Know? Colleges Could Lose 1/3 of Students if Fall Classes Stay Online (James G. Martin Center)
Universities Must Offer More Than ‘Zoom From Your Room’ (Financial Times)  
Colleges Say Hybrid Courses Will Make the Fall a Success. But Will Students Get the Worst of Both Worlds? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Learning Through the Pandemic (American Association of University Professors)
Colleges Hoped for an In-Person Fall. Now the Dream Is Crumbling. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Escalating War Between Our Physical and Digital Realities (The Information)
Expanding the Digital Curriculum: How Colleges Are Preparing Students for Tech Savvy Jobs (Chronicle of Higher Education)
In person or online? Here are 100 public universities to watch during the pandemic. (Washington Post)

3   A Fall Without Football

Big Ten, Pac-12 Postpone Football. Will the Rest Follow? (Wall Street Journal)
College Football Faces Decision on Fall Season (Wall Street Journal)
Student-Athletes Push Back and Game Cancellations Mount (Education Dive)
In Big Ten Cities, a Fall Without College Football Is a Crushing Economic Blow (Washington Post)
College Sports Embraced Reckless Greed. With the Coronavirus Crisis, the Bill Has Come Due. (Washington Post)
As College Football Games Vanish, So Do Their Millions (Wall Street Journal)
Big 12 Taking Measured Approach to Playing College Football Season, May Allow Teams on Field for Anthem (CBSSports.com)

Further Reading
Pac-12 Reveals 10-Game Football Schedule; Cal Cancels Season Tickets (San Francisco Chronicle)
Private Equity Has Infiltrated Pro Sports. Now It’s Going to College (Sportico.com)
Covid-19 is Exposing Inequalities in College Sports. Now Athletes Are Demanding Change. (Vox)
On a Call With SEC Leaders, Worried Football Players Pushed Back: ‘Not Good Enough’ (Washington Post)
Canceling the College-Football Season Isn’t Enough (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Big 12 to Go Ahead With Football Season, ESPN and Yahoo Report (Bloomberg.com)
Top US Universities Postpone Football Seasons Amid Pandemic (Financial Times)
Pac-12 Conference Postpones All Sport Competitions Through End of Calendar Year (Pac-12.com)
Big Ten Statement on 2020-21 Fall Season (BigTen.org)
Sources: Big Ten Expected to Cancel Football Season for Fall; No Games for Michigan, Michigan State in 2020 (Detroit Free Press)
PSU football doctor clarifies comments on percentage of COVID-positive athletes with myocarditis (Centre Daily Times)
Iowa State plans to allow 25,000 fans into football opener, even though Iowa is a covid hotbed  (Washington Post)
For These Small Colleges, No Sports Could Mean Game Over  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Colleges should offer a major in sports. It could solve some problems.
 (Washington Post)

5   The Humpty Dumpty Chronicles

August Wave of Campus Reopening Reversals (Inside Higher Ed)
Reopening Plans at UC Berkeley, Other Campuses Fall Apart Amid Coronavirus Surge (Los Angeles Times)
The College Crisis Initiative @ Davidson College (Davidson College)
Cancel College (The Atlantic)  
Lawsuit Claims UNC System Faculty & Staff at Increased COVID Risk By Returning To Campuses (WITN.com)
Public Colleges Face Gut Punch From States’ COVID-19 Deficits (Herald Mail Media)

Further Reading
UNC System Faculty and Staff Prepare Lawsuit to Delay Opening (Chronicle of Higher Education)
UC Berkeley to Begin Semester With Fully Remote Instruction (San Francisco Chronicle)
Coronavirus Outbreak Tied to Fraternity Parties Imperils Fall Semester at UC Berkeley (Los Angeles Times)
Does Anthony Fauci Think Colleges Should Reopen? We Asked Him. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
In Ames, Iowa, a College Town Is Thirsty for Its Students to Return (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Live Coronavirus Updates: Here’s the Latest (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Cornell Alerts Students to Changes in Quarantine Protocols (Cornell Chronicle)
College Fails (National Public Radio)
Students Can Safely Return to College if Tested for Coronavirus Every Two Days, Study Says (Washington Post)
Colleges Try to Reunite Students With the Stuff They Left Behind (Wall Street Journal)
Johns Hopkins Switches to Virtual Fall Semester as Pandemic Worsens, Urges Students Not to Return to Baltimore (Washington Post)
Its Plan Is Risky, Its Community Is Vulnerable, and Cases Are Surging. Why Is This University Reopening? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Boston University, Other Schools Deploy Robots So Campuses Can Safely Reopen During Pandemic (NBC News)
The U. of Michigan Is Reopening. Its City Is Bracing for Disaster. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Life in the Quarantine Dorms (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Colleges Are Making Late Calls to Shut Campuses. Is It All About the Money? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Financial Disaster for Ohio Colleges (Forbes)
The Pandemic Isn’t the Only Problem Facing Mizzou’s Chief  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

6    Endowments Under Pressure During Pandemic

Rich Colleges Can Afford to Spend More (New York Times)
How Higher Education’s Own Choices Left It Vulnerable to the Pandemic Crisis
(Hechinger Report)
Woke Foundations
Universities Cut Oil Investments as Student Activism Builds
(Wall Street Journal)

Further Reading
On a Knife’s Edge (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Biggest Cuts Need to Come From the Top (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Elizabeth Alexander’s Fierce Vision of Social Justice
(Wall Street Journal)
How Not to Defend Elite Universities
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Harvard University Board Gains Backers of Fossil Fuel Divestment
(Wall Street Journal)

12    Name Changes Go to the Heart of the Ivy League

Colleges Have a Lot to Answer For—Beyond Racists’ Names on Their Buildings (Hartford Courant)
Princeton Will Remove Woodrow Wilson’s Name From School (New York Times)

Further Reading
Don't Get Too Attached to Your Institution’s Name. It’s Only for Now (Washington Post)
Harvard, Yale and Princeton Embarrass, but Cornell Shines (Forbes)
In Campaign Against Racism, Team Names Get New Scrutiny (New York Times)
President Eisgruber’s Message to Community on Removal of Woodrow Wilson Name From Public Policy School and Wilson College (Princeton University)
Princeton to Remove Woodrow Wilson’s Name From Public-Policy School (Wall Street Journal)
Princeton’s president cops to running a systemically racist university  (Powerline)

13   Negotiating Tuition Discounts

Tuition Reductions Take Off as Coronavirus Shapes Colleges’ Fall Plans (Education Dive)
Discount, Freeze or Increase? How Universities Are Handling Tuition This Fall. (Washington Post)
Colleges Face a No-Win Dilemma: to Cut or Not to Cut Tuition? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
As an Uncertain Fall Looms, Some Colleges Turn to Free Tuition (Education Dive)

Further Reading
What Work-Study Looks Like During the Coronavirus (US News)
The Only Way to Save Higher Education Is to Make It Free (New York Times)
Free College and the Debt-Free Fantasy (American Enterprise Institute)
The Little Fraught Schoolhouse (New York Times)
$25,000 Pod Schools: How Well-to-Do Children Will Weather the Pandemic (New York Times)
California State University: ‘No Plans to Reduce’ Fall Tuition Despite Keeping Classes Online (College Fix)
California Faculty Union Demands Free Tuition for Black Students, Removal of Armed Campus Cops (College Fix)
Georgetown University to Offer Tuition Breaks for Many Undergraduates This Fall (Washington Post)
A College Degree Is No Guarantee of a Good Life: Higher Education Is Often Described as an Investment. But It’s Still Unclear if It Pays Off in Happiness. (The Atlantic)
Thanks to Coronavirus and Zoom, We’re Looking at the End Stages of College as a Commodity (Washington Post)
Does Tuition Insurance Cover Covid-19? Depends on the College (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Making College Students Question the Price of Their Education (Wall Street Journal)

14    Yale on the Admissions Hot Seat


Yale Discriminated by Race in Admissions, Justice Department Says (Wall Street Journal)
Editorial: It’s Time to Reconsider California’s Ban on Affirmative Action (San Francisco Chronicle)
The Systemic Racism Trap (Real Clear Politics)

Further Reading 
Justice Goes to Yale (Wall Street Journal)
Justice Department Accuses Yale of Racial Discrimination in Admissions. But What About the Evidence? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Two Lawsuits That Could Kill Yale (The American Conservative)

15     Doing Time for Cheating.


Lori Loughlin Sentenced to Two Months in College-Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Universities and Accused Personnel (Wikipedia)
The Making of a College-Admissions Con Man (Wall Street Journal)
Rick Singer, Mastermind Behind College Admissions Scandal (Arizona Republic)

Further Reading
Another Parent is Charged in College Admissions Scandal, Will Admit to Efforts to Get Son Into Georgetown (Washington Post)
Another Parent Pleads Guilty After Prosecutors Say He Paid $50,000 to Get His Daughter Into Georgetown (Washington Post)
Silicon Valley Parent Sentenced to Six Months in Prison in College-Admissions Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
New Parent Charged in College-Admissions Cheating Scandal (Wall Street Journal)
Operation Varsity Blues: Elite Anxiety, Not Elite Privilege (The American Conservative)

16     Foreign Student Decline is Costing Billions

New International Students Barred From All-Online Classes (Inside Higher Ed)
Government Rescinds International Student Policy (Inside Higher Ed)
Foreign Student Enrollment At U.S. Universities May Plummet This Fall (Forbes)

Further Reading
Trump Administration Rescinds Rules on Foreign Students Studying Online (The Wall Street Journal)
Trump Visa Rules Seen as Way to Pressure Colleges on Reopening (The New York Times)
U.S. Rescinds Plan to Strip Visas From International Students in Online Classes (The New York Times)
As Universities Seek to Block Visa Rules, Trump Threatens Tax Status  (The New York Times)
Covid-19, visas, Trump: International Students Turning Away From US Colleges For Lots Of Reasons (USA Today)
Explainer: What 1.1 Million Foreign Students Contribute To The U.S. Economy (Reuters)
Loss of International Students Could Damage US Economy, Experts Say (ABC News)
Colleges Could Lose $3B From International Enrollment Declines This Fall (Education Dive)
Summer Enrollment (May-July 2020)  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
17     The SATs and ACTs Continue Their Slide

UC Regents Unanimously Approve Plan to Drop SAT and ACT From Admissions (San Francisco Chronicle)
1,550+ Accredited, 4-Year Colleges & Universities With ACT/SAT-Optional Testing Policies for Fall, 2021 Admissions (FairTest.org)
U-Md. Suspends Requirement for SAT or ACT Scores, Joining Test-Optional Movement for One Year Because of Pandemic (Washington Post)
Princeton, Northwestern Latest to Not Require SAT, ACT (Wall Street Journal)
University of California Will End Use of SAT and ACT in Admissions (New York Times)

Further Reading
Should State Universities Downplay the SAT? (Education Next)
Is the SAT Really the Problem? (Wall Street Journal)
Our Relationship With Tests Is Unraveling. Why Is Everyone So Conflicted About It? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
UC must immediately drop use of the SAT and ACT for admissions and scholarships, judge rules (Los Angeles Times)
Court Bars U. of California From Using ACT and SAT for Fall-2021 Admissions (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Axing admissions tests avoids real solutions, ACT argues
 (Times Higher Education)
Draw lots for Harvard entry, says Michael Sandel
 (Times Higher Education)

18     Young Partygoers Blamed for Covid Outbreaks

‘Frats Are Being Frats’: Greek Life Is Stoking the Virus on Some Campuses (New York Times)
A ‘Palpable Sense of Fear’ as Covid Cases Soar at a College in Rural Georgia (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Colleges Are Getting Ready to Blame Their Students (The Atlantic)

Further Reading
Covid on Campus (APM Reports)
At Least 80 UW Students in Fraternities Test Positive for Coronavirus, a Foreboding Sign for College Reopenings (Seattle Times)
The War on Frats (New York Times)
A Reckoning for College Fraternities and Sororities (New York Times)
Harvard Will Drop Policy Targeting All-Male ‘Final Clubs’ (Boston Globe)
Harvard Rescinds Policy Against Fraternities, Sororities and Other Single-Gender Organizations (Washington Post)
Colleges Send Students Home Amid Outbreaks, Raising New Threat (Wall Street Journal)
COVID-19 at colleges: Fauci warns not to send students home  (NBC News)
Health Experts Warn Colleges Not to Send Students Home. But What if Quarantine Spaces Run Out?
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
To Test or Not to Test? Colleges Face Decision as Students and Coronavirus Arrive on Campus
(Wall Street Journal)
Covid-19 Is Threatening the In-Person Semester. Can Wastewater Testing Help Save It?
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Believing in Our Students
(Inside Higher Ed)
An Experiment in Self-Governance (American Institute for Economic Research)
Universities are suspending students who party without masks and flout social distancing: ‘If you don’t abide by the rules, there’s no place for you here’
 (Chicago Tribune)
Coronavirus update: Northeastern dismisses 11 students who gathered in hotel room
 (Washington Post)
Why College Towns Are So Alarmed by Student Behavior
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
How Covid-19 Exposed the Cracks in a Public-Private Housing Deal
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Covid-19 Outbreaks Spell Trouble for Student-Housing Owners
(Wall Street Journal)
Reservations, takeout and food tents: Dining traditions change as campuses attempt to curb virus
 (Washington Post)
Northeastern’s $50-Million Bet
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
The U. of Georgia Trained Students as Contact Tracers. But It Didn’t Hire Them.
(Chronicle of Higher Education) How 3 Colleges Are Using Student ‘Ambassadors’ to Enforce Social Distancing (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The College Student’s Guide to Back-to-School Quarantine: Pop-Tarts, Cross-Stitch, Prison Morse Code
(Wall Street Journal)
US universities defend reopening plans as virus spreads
(Times Higher Education)
What Did College Leaders Think Was Going to Happen?
 (The Atlantic)
Live Coronavirus Updates: Cal State Will Be Online Again Next Spring; U. of Michigan Protest Heats Up; Virginia Colleges Cut Ties to Unproven Testing Firm
 (Chronicle of Higher Education)

19   Canceling Pinker 

How a Famous Harvard Professor Became a Target Over His Tweets (New York Times)
The Chilling Effect of an Attack on a Scholar (The Atlantic)

Further Reading

A Vogue for Public Shaming (JoanneJacobs.com)
Do Progressives Have a Free Speech Problem? (New York Times)
A Challenger of the Woke ‘Company Policy’ (Wall Street Journal)
The Speech Police at Princeton (Wall Street Journal)
This Princeton Professor Criticized Black Terrorism. Now They’re Trying to Cancel Him. (College Fix)
A Deeply Provincial View of Free Speech (The Atlantic)
Princeton Professor Who Challenged Illiberal Demands of Faculty to Be Honored as ‘Hero of Intellectual Freedom’ (College Fix)
A Declaration of Independence by a Princeton Professor (Quillette)
Canon Fodder (Claremont Review of Books)
USC Communications Professor "on a Short-Term Break" for Giving Chinese Word "Neige" as Example … (Reason)
Professors nationwide push critical race theory narrative through massive ‘#ScholarStrike’
(The College Fix)
Resentment, Critical Race Theory, and the war on standards
20    An Epidemic of Cancel Culture

How I Ran Afoul of Campus Cancel Culture: My Experience With the Goldman School at Berkeley (Commentary)
The Ideological Corruption of Science (Wall Street Journal)
Higher Ed and the Fragmentation of America (Wall Street Journal)
The Future of Nonconformity (New York Times)

Further Reading
Should We Cancel Aristotle? (New York Times)
Why Edmund Burke Still Matters (New York Times)
Isolation Bookshelf: College Daze (Public Discourse)
Taking Back the Academy (American Mind)
Free Speech Under Siege (American Interest)
Education or Indoctrination? (American Mind)
Explaining America’s Dominant Religion and Cultural Power (American Spectator)
A Classical Illness (New Criterion)
Teaching Violence on Campus (Commentary)
Academe’s Poisoned Groves
(The University Bookman)
Chinese alumni compare USC to Mao for removing professor over Chinese word that sounds like n-word
(The College Fix)
Fraud by Numbers: Metrics and the New Academic Misconduct
 (Los Angeles Review of Books)

21    Students Afraid to Talk

Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill Column: Diagnosing the Campus Cancel Culture and Its Prescription (Richmond Times Dispatch)

Further Reading
College Activists Aren’t Backing Down (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Black law students demand classroom diversity monitors to report ‘questionable conduct’
(The College Fix)
Student sues Florida State officials for removal from student government over Catholic beliefs (The College Fix)

22     A Princeton Professor Declares Independence From Cancel Culture

The Speech Police at Princeton (Wall Street Journal)
Princeton Professor Who Challenged Illiberal Demands of Faculty to Be Honored as ‘Hero of Intellectual Freedom’ (College Fix)
Princeton Grapples With Race, Woodrow Wilson’s Controversial Past, and a Professor’s Dissent (Forbes)
I Survived Cancellation at Princeton (Wall Street Journal)

Further Reading
A Declaration of Independence by a Princeton Professor (Quillette)
White GWU professor admits she falsely claimed Black identity (Washington Post)
GWU plans to replace Jessica Krug, the professor who admitted to falsely claiming Black identity
(Washington Post)
Jessica Krug resigns from position at GWU
 (Washington Post)
George Washington U. Professor Who Lied About Being Black Resigns  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
White Lies (Inside Higher Ed)
How I Built a Diverse Leadership Team at a Predominantly White College  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
23     For Dreamers the Nightmare Continues


Supreme Court Blocks Trump’s Bid to End DACA, a Win For Undocumented ‘Dreamers’ (Washington Post)
DACA Ruling ‘A Huge Victory,’ but Dreamers at Berkeley See an Uncertain Future (Berkeley News)

Further Reading
How DACA Has Transformed the Lives of Dreamers—and Their Communities (National Public Radio)
Are the Dreamers Safe Now That The Supreme Court Ruled? Not Exactly. Here’s What’s Still Up in the Air (Washington Post)
Trump Can’t Immediately End DACA, Supreme Court Rules (New York Times)
‘Dreamers’ Are Elated After Getting a Reprieve on DACA (New York Times)
In Blow to Trump, Justices’ Decision Backs ‘Dreamers’ (New York Times)
In Support of DACA (Inside Higher Ed)
As Universities Try to Preserve Foreign Students’ Visas, Trump Threatens Tax Status (New York Times)
Advocates Seek Legislative Fix for Dreamers After High Court Win (Weekly Education)
Business Leaders Urge Trump to Leave DACA Alone After Court Ruling (New York Times)

24    U.S. Cracks Down on Chinese Interference in Higher Ed

Chinese Diplomats Helped Military Scholars Visiting the U.S. Evade FBI Scrutiny, U.S. Says (Wall Street Journal)
Scholars Charged With Lying About Chinese Military Ties (Inside Higher Ed)
Professor Is Accused of Hiding Chinese Funding (New York Times)
Questioning Ties to China (Real Clear Education)
New Federal Scrutiny of Confucius Institutes (Inside Higher Ed)

Further Reading

FBI Arrests Former UC Davis Researcher Accused of Lying About Chinese Military Experience (San Francisco Chronicle)
UC Davis Researcher Accused of Hiding Ties to Chinese Military Is Hiding in Consulate, U.S. Says (Los Angeles Times)
Complaint Filed Against Penn, Biden Center for Undisclosed China Contributions (The College Fix)
Trump Moves to Ramp Up Scrutiny of Confucius Institutes (University World News)
FBI Sweep of China Researchers Leads to Cat-and-Mouse Tactics (Wall Street Journal)
How Many Confucius Institutes Are in the United States?
(National Association of Scholars)
Universities fear online students face regime reprisals
 (The James G. Martin Center)
Corrupting the College Board (National Association of Scholars)

25    New Sex Assault Lawsuits Filed Against the University of Michigan and USC  

In Lawsuit, More Than 50 Former University of Michigan Students Say Doctor Sexually Abused Them (Wall Street Journal)
USC’s Former Campus Gynecologist Pleads Not Guilty to New Felony Charges (Los Angeles Times)
U. of Southern California President Departed With a $7-Million Payout (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
USC Dean Resigns After Past Relationship With Student Is Revealed (Los Angeles Times)
The Patron (Chronicle of Higher Education)

26     Big Win for Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos’s Controversial New Rule on Campus Sexual Assault Goes Into Effect (Washington Post)
Lawsuits Aim to Block DeVos’s New Sexual Misconduct Rules (New York Times)

Further Reading
An End to Campus Star Chambers (Commentary Magazine)
Universities Circumvent New Title IX Regulations  (National Review)

27    The Future of Higher Education

Will the Coronavirus Transform or Destroy Higher Education as We Know It?  (The Hechinger Report)
Is This the End of College as We Knew It? (New York Times)
With Cal State and Other Colleges Moving Online, Higher Ed Has to Prove its Value  (San Francisco Chronicle)

Further Reading

College Is Worth It, but Campus Isn’t (The New York Times)
What’s the Value of Harvard Without a Campus? (The New York Times)
The Unintended Disruption of the Ivory Tower (American Institute for Economic Research)
The Post‑Pandemic College
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Facing the demise of the campus-centric business model
(The James G. Martin Center)      
The Future of the Academic Work Force  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Fall Brings Wave of Furloughs (Inside Higher Ed)
Iowa Universities Are Caught Between Covid-19 and Politics
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
It's Time to Start a New University (The James G. Martin Center)
World University Rankings 2021 (Times Higher Education)

28  The Value of a College Degree

Still Believe That a College Degree Is a Great Investment? (James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
A College Degree Is No Guarantee of a Good Life  (The Atlantic)  
Winners and Losers: Universities and the Pursuit of the American Dream (American Enterprise Institute)

Further Reading
Sticker Shock: Is an Elite College Worth the Price if It’s Online? Or at All? (USA Today)
Can Higher Education Be Saved? The Hope for Governance Reform  (James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal)
Rising Education Levels Provide Diminishing Economic Boost (Wall Street Journal)

29    Language Matters

Colleges Rescinding Admissions Offers as Racist Social Media Posts Emerge (New York Times)
A St. John’s Fencing Coach Is Fired After Making Racist Remarks (New York Times)
Falwell’s Blackface Tweet Brings Racial Dissent to Liberty University (New York Times)
Rutgers English Department to Deemphasize Traditional Grammar ‘in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter’ (College Fix)
Hillsdale College Rejects Pressure to Make Capitulatory BLM Statement  (Wall Street Journal)

Further Reading

College Democrats, Citing Racism, Force Change in Leadership (New York Times)
Statement on Racial Justice in Higher Education  (Academe Blog)
Woke Scolds Outraged as UChicago Professor Cleared of Wrongdoing for Criticizing ‘Defund the Police’ (College Fix)
Ivy League Universities Wrestle with Deep-Rooted Ties to Slavery, Racism (Daily Pennsylvanian)
USC to Remove John Wayne Exhibit After Student Protests Over Racist Comments the Actor Made Decades Ago (New York Times)  
America’s Red Guard Rampage (Commentary)  
For Colleges, Protests Over Racism May Put Everything on the Line (Chronicle of Higher Education)  
Who Tore Down This Frederick Douglass Statue? (New York Times)  
Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation (New York Times)  
Reflections on Racism in America (New York Times)
‘Please Don’t Convert to Whiteness’ (The Atlantic)
The Pinnacle of Looting Apologia
(The Atlantic)
The Vicky Osterweil delusion
(The Spectator USA)
Cease and resist: how to fight the illiberal left
 (The Spectator USA)
Land of Free (and Fettered) Speech
(Wall Street Journal)
Disdain for the Less Educated Is the Last Acceptable Prejudice
(New York Times)

30    Calling for the End of Cancel Culture

A Deeply Provincial View of Free Speech (The Atlantic)
Free Speech Under Siege (American Interest)
Do Progressives Have a Free Speech Problem? (New York Times)

Further Reading

House Votes to Remove Confederate Statues From U.S. Capitol (The New York Times)
Scrapped Ivanka Trump Speech Stirs Furor in Kansas (Morning Education)
How a Famous Harvard Professor Became a Target Over His Tweets (New York Times)
The Chilling Effect of an Attack on a Scholar (The Atlantic)
Taking Back the Academy (American Mind)
Higher Ed and the Fragmentation of America (Wall Street Journal)
‘Going to the Mat’ Over Diversity Training (Inside Higher Ed)
Education or Indoctrination? (American Mind)
Cancel the Jefferson Memorial? (The New York Times)
Shedding Light on Lumina and Its College Agenda (The James G. Martin Center)
Resentment, Critical Race Theory, and the war on standards
What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common
(Wall Street Journal)
Antifa’s American insurgency (The Spectator USA)
We are living in an age of cultural climate change
 (The Spectator USA)
(New York Times)
A Vogue for Public Shaming (JoanneJacobs.com)

31    ICE Melts on Online-Only Classes

New International Students Barred From All-Online Classes (Inside Higher Ed)
Colleges Adapt Fall Plans, Recruiting Tactics to ICE’s New Guidance (Education Dive)

Further Reading

ICE Says Newly Enrolling International Students Can't Come to U.S. if Classes Fully Online (Wall Street Journal)
Trump Administration Rescinds Rules on Foreign Students Studying Online (Wall Street Journal)
Harvard, MIT Sue Trump Administration Over International-Student Policy (Wall Street Journal)
New U.S. Rules on Foreign Students Put Universities in Dilemma (Wall Street Journal)
New Rules Detail How Foreign Students Can—and Can’t—Take Classes at U.S. Colleges This Fall (Wall Street Journal)
College Financial Aid: What Parents and Students Need to Know Starting Oct. 1 (Wall Street Journal)