1    AI Anxiety: From College Cheating to Existential ThreatSources
Will AI Help Us or Leave Us Behind? (Wall Street Journal)
A.I. Poses ‘Risk of Extinction,’ Industry Leaders Warn (The New York Times)

Further Reading
How AI Tools Both Help and Hinder Equity (Inside Higher Education)
A.I. Poses ‘Risk of Extinction,’ Industry Leaders Warn (New York Times)
A Study Found That AI Could Ace MIT. Three MIT Students Beg to Differ (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Scared of AI? Don’t Be, Computer-Science Instructors Say (Chronicle of Higher Education)
2    Generative AI Makes Cheating Easy, Undetectable. Ask Any Student.
I’m a Student. You Have No Idea How Much We’re Using ChatGPT (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The First Year of AI College Ends in Ruin (The Atlantic)
How these Utah professors are addressing ChatGPT in the classroom (DesertNews)

Further Reading
What Higher Ed Gets Wrong About AI Chatbots — From the Student Perspective (EdSurge)  
Caught Off Guard by AI (Chronicle of Higher Education)
A Study Found That AI Could Ace MIT. Three MIT Students Beg to Differ
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
3   Meet Ms. Chatbot, My New Teaching Assistant
SourcesHarvard Taps AI to Help Teach Computer Science Course (Inside Higher Education)
Admissions Offices, Cautiously, Start Using AI (Inside Higher Ed)
We Used A.I. to Write Essays for Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Here’s How It Went. (New York Times)

Further Reading
Will AI Help Us or Leave Us Behind? (Wall Street Journal)
The First Year of AI College Ends in Ruin (The Atlantic)  
A.I. Poses ‘Risk of Extinction,’ Industry Leaders Warn (New York Times)
Admissions Offices, Cautiously, Start Using AI (Inside Higher Ed)
How should we teach with AI? The feds have 7 fresh edtech ideas
 (University Business)
How AI Tools Both Help and Hinder Equity  (Inside Higher Ed)
What Higher Ed Gets Wrong About AI Chatbots — From the Student Perspective (EdSurge)
4   Embracing AI in the Classroom, As Universities Sprint to Expand Capacity

Scared of AI? Don’t Be, Computer-Science Instructors Say. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Colleges Race to Hire and Build Amid AI ‘Gold Rush’ (Inside Higher Education)

Further Reading
The First Year of AI College Ends in Ruin (The Atlantic)
What Higher Ed Gets Wrong About AI Chatbots — From the Student Perspective (EdSurge)
How should we teach with AI? The feds have 7 fresh edtech ideas (University Business)
How these Utah professors are addressing ChatGPT in the classroom (DesertNews)
Caught Off Guard by AI (Chronicle of Higher Education)

New College Launches ‘Odyssey’ Course Days Before Fall Semester (Inside Higher Ed)
College students are still struggling with basic math. Professors blame the pandemic (The Hechinger Report)

5    Trending: “Snowflakes” Take Heat on Campus
SourcesThese universities are pushing back on censorious students. Finally. (Washington Post)
US Universities Launch Partnership to Elevate Free Speech to Counter Threats to Democracy (Associated Press)
Presidents are Changing Their Tune on Free Speech (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Dean at Center of Stanford Law Controversy Resigns (Inside Higher Ed)
Harvard Faculty Forms Group on Academic Freedom (Inside Higher Ed)
Princeton Principles for a Campus Culture of Free Inquiry (Princeton University James Madison Program)
Universities are losing the battle on free speech (Unherd)

Further Reading
Universities Launch Campaign to Elevate Free Speech on Campuses (The Hill)
Chicago Principles Tested as Free Speech Rows Split Faculties (Times Higher Education)
Free Speech on Oklahoma’s College Campuses (Journal Record)
6   Collegial or Canceled
Federal Appeals Court rules against NCSU professor who complained about social justice, DEI (Carolina Journal)
A Recent Appeals-Court Ruling Imperils Academic Freedom (Chronicle of Higher Education)
In Defense of Cranky Professors (Spectator)

Further Reading
Faculty Free Speech Loses in the Fourth Circuit (James G. Martin Center)
How Does Intramural Speech Fit Within the First Amendment? (Reason)
In Blow to Academic Freedom, Court Rules Universities Can Punish Faculty for ‘Lack of Collegiality’ (National Review)
DEI Brings Kafka to My Law School (Wall Street Journal)
The Scott Gerber Case Revisited (National Association of Scholars)
A Timeline of Events Regarding Scott Gerber (Northern Review)

Intolerant society (New Criterion)  
The diversity myth (New Criterion)  
Advice for Students Entering College (National Review)
A Commitment to Freedom of Inquiry and Diversity of Thought in Higher Ed (Philanthropy Roundtable)


Dean Who Defended Free Speech Is Named Provost of Stanford U. (Chronicle of Higher Education)  
Stanford Law dean who championed free speech named university provost (The College Fix)


The Political Machine Behind the War on Academic Freedom  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Jordan Peterson loses legal fight, must take remedial training: court  (The College Fix)
Jordan Peterson plans to publicize details of court-ordered retraining  (The College Fix)
7    Cancel Culture and Campus CensorshipSources
Boston U President Blasts Graduation Protesters (Inside Higher Ed)
Cancel Conservative NY Times Columnist, UChicago Students Demand (College Fix)
This Professor Criticized Diversity Statements. Did It Cost Him a Job Offer? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
A Texas A&M professor was suspended for allegedly criticizing lieutenant governor (NPR)
Idaho professors say they change syllabi, self-censor abortion over fears of prosecution (ABC News)

Further Reading
Who Gets Free Speech? Battle for Diversity on Wisconsin Campuses (Christian Science Monitor)
Are The Kids At Princeton—and Ohio State And UW–Madison Really OK? (Forbes)
Florida Lawmakers Want Oversight of Invited Speakers on Public-College Campuses (Chronicle of Higher Education) 

Chicago Principles tested as free speech rows split faculties (Times Higher Education)
Princeton Principles for a Campus Culture of Free Inquiry (James Madison Program)
The Problems with the Princeton Principles (Academe Blog)
Two-Thirds of College Students Think Shouting Down A Public Speaker Can Be Acceptable (Reason > FIRE)
Harvard Ranks Dead Last in Free Speech on Campuses, Survey Finds, Reflecting Threats to Open Inquiry at Colleges (NYSun - FIRE)
Why does Harvard rank last on free speech? (The Spectator)

By Abandoning Civics, Colleges Helped Create the Culture Wars
(NY Times)  
Americans Are Losing Faith in the Value of College. Whose Fault Is That? (NY Times Magazine)      
What the Public Really Thinks About Higher Education (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Why Conservatives Must Not Abandon Universities: A Four-Point Plan  (Aporia)


Behind the lines of Texas A&M’s diversity war (Washington Post)
Is the political climate in southern states driving a faculty exodus?  (Higher Ed Dive)
In These Red States, Professors Are Eyeing the Exits (Chronicle of Higher Education)


Today’s DEI Is Obsessed With Power and Privilege (Chronicle of Higher Education)
D.E.I. Statements Spark Debate at UCalifornia and Other Universities (NY Times)
Wisc. universities keep DEI positions despite GOP gutting budget by $32 million (The College Fix)  


Female Professors Sue Vassar College, Alleging Gender-Based Salary Discrimination
 (Wall Street Journal)
Female professors sue Vassar College, alleging wage discrimination (Washington Post)  
Vassar Professors Sue Over Gender Pay Gap, Claiming Discrimination Against Women on the Faculty (Chronicle of Higher Education)


8    Northwestern Hazing Scandal Grows to Include Multiple Sports 
SourcesNorthwestern Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald Fired Amid Hazing Allegations (Wall Street Journal)
At Northwestern, Leaders Scramble to Contain Crisis Over Hazing Allegations (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Northwestern Fires Head Football Coach After Hazing Investigation (Inside Higher Ed)  

Further Reading
How a hazing culture evolved at Northwestern’s Camp Kenosha: ‘There’s a significance to ritual’ (The Athletic)

Half of San Diego Football Team Disciplined for Hazing  (Inside Higher Ed)
9    Changing Media Landscape Leads to Pac-12 CollapseSourcesPac-12 Has Two Schools Remaining After ACC Officially Expands (KSL Sports)
The Pac-12 Melts Down, as Five More Schools Depart for Other Conferences (Wall Street Journal)

Further Reading
College Sports Powers Stall Bid to Share Revenue With Athletes in California (Wall Street Journal)
The Pac-12 Is Almost the Pac-8 Again. Can It Survive the College Sports Consolidation? (Wall Street Journal)
Stanford Was Stranded by the Pac-12 Implosion. How Does It Find a Home? (Wall Street Journal)
He Inherited ‘Multiple Dumpster Fires’ at the Pac-12. Then It Went Up in Smoke. (Wall Street Journal)
They Finally Broke College Football (Wall Street Journal)

Meet the man who thinks he 'screwed up' college football with a Supreme Court win (NBC)
Calling Foul on Big-Time College Sports (American Mind)
The Last Hurrah of College Football as You Know It (Wall Street Journal)  
College Football Can Get (a Little) Better. Here’s How. (Wall Street Journal)
Cal and Stanford Set to Join the Atlantic Coast Conference in Latest College Sports Shake-Up (Wall Street Journal)  
Inflation Devalues the Big Ten (Wall Street Journal)
Conference Realignment Poses Threats to Big-Time Sports (Inside Higher Ed)  
Another Athletic Conference Just Got Bigger. Much More Than Sports Is at Stake. (Chronicle of Higher Education)


Minus federal oversight, states are passing their own laws on NIL deals for student-athletes
(University Business)


The Rejected Bet That Launched a Gambling Scandal in College Sports (Wall Street Journal)  
The NCAA’s Interest in Gambling Is Growing. Its Penalties for Athletes Who Gamble Are Shrinking. (Wall Street Journal)



10   Dramatic Fall From the Top: Stanford President Resigns Over Research Concerns Madness…and Beyond
SourcesStanford president to resign after investigation finds “serious flaws” in research (University Business)
Stanford president will resign after questions about research (Washington Post)
Stanford’s President Steps Down After Investigation Finds He ‘Failed’ to Correct Mistakes in Papers (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Stanford President Will Resign After Report Found Flaws in His Research (New York Times)
Stanford president resigns over manipulated research, will retract at least three papers
(Stanford Daily)
Though Cleared of Misconduct, Stanford President Resigns (Inside Higher Ed)
Fighting Claims of Research Misconduct, Stanford’s President Isn’t Pulling Punches (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
Stanford’s Marc Tessier-Lavigne and the messiness of modern science (The Spectator)
Stanford University President Steps Down over Discovery of ‘Manipulation’ of Alzheimers Research Data (National Review)
What to Know About the Stanford President’s Resignation (NY Times)
Stanford president steps down after research fraud probe (Times Higher Education)
Stanford president to resign amid scrutiny over his research (Los Angeles Times)
Stanford president’s downfall: a wider indictment of US research? (Times Higher Education)
Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne Resigns Amid Concerns Over Research Practices (Wall Street Journal)

As Stanford president leaves office, 2 scientific papers are retracted (San Francisco Chronicle)  
11    Harvard Honesty Expert Is Accused of Fraud
Harvard Scholar Who Studies Honesty Is Accused of Fabricating Findings (NY Times)
A Dishonesty Expert Stands Accused of Fraud. Scholars Who Worked With Her Are Scrambling. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Star professor in research fraud case sues Harvard and accusers (Times Higher Education)

Further Reading
How scientists work to correct the record when there is an error in a paper (Washington Post)
Professor accused of faking data in studies on dishonesty sues Harvard (Washington Post)
Scholar Accused of Research Fraud Sues Harvard and Data Sleuths, Alleging a ‘Smear Campaign’Chronicle of Higher Education)
Harvard’s Dishonest Honesty Scientist Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg (National Review)
Harvard withdraws papers in dishonesty expert scandal (Financial Times
12    Former University of Chicago President and Free Speech Advocate Dies at 75
Robert Zimmer, 1947-2023 (Wall Street Journal)
Robert Zimmer, champion for free speech on campuses, dies at 75 (Washington Post)
America’s Best University President Has Died (Psychology Today)

Further Reading
Robert Zimmer, Champion of Academic Freedom — Rest in Peace (National Review)
Go Forth and Argue (New York Times)
13     College at the Center of DeSantis’ ‘War on Woke’ Cancels Gender Studies
SourcesAfter DeSantis Takeover, Record Funding for New College (Inside Higher Ed)
The Arc of Reform (City Journal)
Fears for college at centre of DeSantis’ war on ‘woke’ (University World News)
At a College Targeted by DeSantis, Gender Studies Is Out, Jocks Are In (New York Times)

Further Reading
Trump vows to go after ‘radical Left’ colleges, echoing DeSantis approach (Politico)
Ron DeSantis’s Orwellian Redefinition of Freedom (The Atlantic)
Florida: Where Time is Out of Joint (Academe Blog)
D.E.I. Programs Are Getting in the Way of Liberal Education (New York Times)
Why the Populist Right Hates Universities (The Atlantic)
Liberal arts education is at risk, so New England colleges rally (Boston Globe)

The Regime Strikes Back  (Christopher F. Rufo)  
Christopher Rufo’s Alarming and Deceptive Crusade Against Public Universities
Mourning and Organizing in Florida (Academe)  
Ron DeSantis’s Illiberal Education (Wall Street Journal)
New College of Florida facing a ‘dumpster fire’ start to the academic year (University Business)  
Students, professors report chaos as semester begins at New College of Florida (CNN)


How Ben Sasse Became a Combatant in Florida’s Education Wars (NY Times)
14   Trends in Higher Ed Leadership I —More Female and Customer-Focused, but Shortening TenuresSourcesMost New Presidents at Top Research Universities Are Now Women (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Against Higher Ed’s Happy Talk (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Women rising in top US presidencies (Times Higher Education)

Further Reading
Too many ‘old, white male’ college presidents, American Council on Education says (The College Fix)
Who Wants to Lead a Presidential Search in Florida? (Inside Higher Ed)
15   Trends in Higher Ed Leadership II—Resignations on the Rise 

Why Are So Many College Presidents Resigning? (Inside Higher Ed)
Why are HBCU presidential departures surging? (Higher Ed Dive)
President moves: Resignations and early retirements reigned in July (University Business)

Further Reading
Yale’s President Announces He Will Step Down (NY Times)
Yale President to Step Down After 11 Years as Leader (Wall Street Journal)
Yale President Peter Salovey will step down in 2024 (Washington Post)
Peter Salovey to leave Yale presidency at end of academic year (Times Higher Education)  
16    Presidents and Questionable Choices? (Not-So-Cool Things) SourcesDeSantis ally favored to lead state college, has no higher ed experience (Tampa Bay Times)
After Challenging Stints at 2 Struggling Colleges, a President Will Step Down (Chronicle of Higher Education)
A College President Defends Seeking Money From Jeffrey Epstein (New York Times)
A Disrupter’s Quick Exit (Chronicle of Higher Education)
How Ben Sasse Spent His First 7 Weeks as U. of Florida President (Chronicle of Higher Education)
UF’s new president, Ben Sasse, has yet to make a big splash on campus (Tampa Bay Times)

Further Reading
Bard President Received $150,000 From Foundation Created by Jeffrey Epstein (New York Times)
Jeffrey Epstein Moved $270,000 for Noam Chomsky and Paid $150,000 to Leon Botstein (Wall Street Journal)
Noam Chomsky and Bard College president had financial dealings with Jeffrey Epstein (The Guardian)
Fears of Politicization Dog Another Florida Public University Presidential Search (Chronicle of Higher Education)
A Florida Presidential Search Was Halted Because of ‘Anomalies.’ The Board Chair Says Nothing’s Amiss. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
17     California Names New ChancellorSourcesNew CSU Chancellor Mildred García plans to take on a system in crisis (Los Angeles Times)  
Mildred García is named CSU chancellor amid system crisis (Los Angeles Times)
California State University system names its first Latina chancellor (Washington Post)  
A Conversation With California State University’s Next Chancellor (New York Times)

Further Reading
CSU must revamp sexual misconduct complaint system (Los Angeles Times)
Today’s college rankings still measure the wrong things. It’s time to reinvent them (University Business)

Ohio State Selects Nebraska System Head as New President (Inside Higher Ed)  
University of Nebraska President Ted Carter named next head of Ohio State (Lincoln Journal-Star)  


Dean Who Defended Free Speech Is Named Provost of Stanford U.
(Chronicle of Higher Education)
Stanford Law dean who championed free speech named university provost  (The College Fix)

Harvard, Harvey Mudd Top Washington Monthly’s 2023 College Rankings (Forbes)  
The 2024 Best Colleges in America: Princeton, MIT and Yale Take Top Spots (Wall Street Journal)  
The WSJ/College Pulse College Rankings: Measuring Outcomes, Not Inputs (Wall Street Journal)    
18   Kerfuffle at Texas A&M (Apologize & Mediate?)   
SourcesTexas A&M president resigns over hiring controversy (Times Higher Education)
‘We Dodged a Bullet’: Texts Between Texas A&M President and Dean Show How Faculty Hire Fell Apart (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Texas A&M Celebrated a New Journalism Director. Then Came the Complaints. (New York Times)  
Texas A&M president retires after journalism hiring controversy (Washington Post)
After a Botched Hiring at Texas A&M, a Prominent Journalist Has Chosen to Stay Where She Is (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Further Reading
1619 Rightly Understood (First Things)
Texas A&M’s President Resigns in Fallout From Failed Hiring (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Texas A&M ‘wanted to fire scientist who criticised politician’ (Times Higher Education)  
Who Had a Say in Derailing Texas A&M’s Hiring of Kathleen McElroy? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Wildest Moments From Texas A&M’s Hiring Fiasco (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Texas A&M President Resigns Amid Fallout Over Journalism Program (New York Times)
Bungled Hiring of Journalism Director Exposes a Rift at Texas A&M (New York Times)
What Really Happened in Texas A&M’s Two High-Profile Controversies? An Investigative Report Explains. (Chronicle of Higher Education) 
19   Benno Schmidt, Who Shook Up Yale and CUNY, Passes Away

Benno Schmidt Jr., top leader at Yale and CUNY, dies at 81 (Washington Post)
Benno Schmidt Jr., a Reforming Leader at Yale and CUNY, Dies at 81 (NY Times)

Further Reading
In Memoriam: Benno C. Schmidt Jr. (ACTA) 
20    College Presidents Doing Cool ThingsSources
This president has leveraged her city’s tech boom to embrace an AI-centric future (University Business)
Leading America’s ‘most important university’ (Times Higher Education)
Howard University names scholar of the African diaspora as its new president (Washington Post)

Further Reading
What Just Happened at West Virginia University Should Worry All of Us (NY Times)  
Mountaineer Blues (City Journal)  
A Flagship Research University… Without Language Degrees or Math Ph.D.s? (Inside Higher Ed)
After uproar, WVU to keep some foreign language classes, but not all (Washington Post)
WVU Proposes No Language Degrees, Just Chinese and Spanish Courses (Inside Higher Ed)
West Virginia University no longer plans to completely eliminate world languages (Higher Ed Dive)  
WVU Still Proposes Nixing Math Grad Degrees, but Floats Replacements (Inside Higher Ed)
WVU must involve faculty when making academic cuts, AAUP says (Higher Ed Dive)  
West Virginia president loses ‘no confidence’ vote amid cutbacks  (Times Higher Education)  
WVU faculty members vote no confidence in President Gordon Gee  (Higher Ed Dive)  
WVU Faculty Overwhelmingly Votes No Confidence in Gee, Calls for Freeze in Cuts  (Inside Higher Ed)  
At West Virginia U., Students Protest Cuts, Tell Gordon Gee to ‘Go’  (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Hundreds of Students Protest WVU’s Proposed Program and Faculty Cuts  (Inside Higher Ed)  


U of I isn’t the first to buy a for-profit college. What happened when 3 other schools did
 (Idaho Statesman)
Why Has It Been So Hard for the U. of Phoenix to Find a Home?  (Chronicle of Higher Education)  


Feds Complicate College Mergers, With Possible Unintended Consequences
 (Inside Higher Ed)
New federal rules ‘making university mergers more complicated’  (Times Higher Education)  


22   What Admissions Can Learn from Athlete Recruiting
SourcesColleges Must Recruit Scholars (Wall Street Journal)
How Elite Colleges Will Work Around the Supreme Court’s Ruling (Wall Street Journal)
Can Colleges Be Racially Diverse Without Affirmative Action? Experience Suggests No (Wall Street Journal)

Further Reading
Big data could help mitigate the affirmative action ban (Times Higher Education)
With End of Affirmative Action, a Push for a New Tool: Adversity Scores (New York Times)
The newest benefit at top companies: Private college admissions counseling (The Hechinger Report)
23   Florida May Become First State to Accept SAT/ACT Alternative
SourcesFlorida may become first state to accept a ‘classical’ alternative to the SAT and ACT (NBCNews.com)
Psych! College Board Loses Big In Its AP Psychology Standoff With DeSantis (The Federalist)
Florida’s feud with the College Board’s AP Psychology course explained (CNN.com)

Further Reading
DeSantis Faces Flak Over Florida Black History Curriculum (Wall Street Journal)
AP Curriculum Touted by Progressives Also Includes Section on Slaves Learning Skills (National Review)
The War on Context Comes for Florida’s History Curriculum (National Review)
DeSantis Invites Kamala Harris to Florida to Settle ‘Benefits of Slavery’ Drama (National Review)
Florida Restricts AP Psychology over Gender-Identity, Sexual-Orientation Lessons (National Review)
One Sentence Does Not Define a Curriculum (New York Times)

Shootings mar start of academic year in US (Times Higher Education)  
Fatal Shooting of Chapel Hill Professor Sends Campus Into Disarray (Chronicle of Higher Education)
UNC Graduate Student Charged in Fatal Shooting of Professor (NY Times)
UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student charged with murder of professor (Washington Post)  
Graduate Student Charged in Shooting Death of UNC-Chapel Hill Professor (Wall Street Journal)  
A new college term, a faculty member killed and a student arrested: What we know about the UNC shooting (The Independent)  
Can we make college campuses safer? Expert advice after recent shootings (NPR)



24   The Supreme Court Restricts the Use of Affirmative Action in College Admissions 
Sources‘Today Is a Hard Day’: Harvard Responds to Supreme Court Affirmative-Action Loss (National Review)
Supreme Court rejects race-based affirmative action in college admissions (Washington Post)
Americans Divided on Supreme Court Rulings: Poll (NY Sun)
New approaches needed to diversify campuses after Supreme Court ruling (Othering & Belonging Institute)
Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action in College Admissions (Wall Street Journal)

Further Reading
Curtailing Affirmative Action Is a Blow Against a Rising Generation (The Atlantic)
Why the Supreme Court’s Harvard decision matters (The Spectator)
Supreme Court bans affirmative action in college admissions (Los Angeles Times)
The Supreme Court Has Killed Affirmative Action. Mediocre Whites Can Rest Easier. (The Nation)
The Court Got Campus Affirmative-Action Right (James G. Martin Center)
Affirmative action hurt black students (The Spectator)
Biden administration unveils new college admissions guidance (Politico)  
Ivy Degrees, Legacies, and Wealth. Where Colleges Should Go From Here. (Barron's)  
Bill would end early, legacy admissions at NY colleges, universities (NY Post)
Americans split on recent Supreme Court decisions (Ipsos)
Black Americans Have Always Had Mixed Feelings About Affirmative Action (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Race-Neutral Delusion (London Review of Books)

Activist Behind Supreme Court Affirmative Action Cases Is Now Suing Law Firms (Wall Street Journal)  
Colleges Should Ignore the Biden Administration’s Post-Affirmative-Action Sniping (The Martin Center)  
25   Will Essays Become a New Loophole to Ask About Race? 
SourcesAffirmative-Action Plaintiff Warns of Consequences if Schools Defy Supreme Court Ruling (Wall Street Journal)
High-stakes, high-stress college essay stirs more anxiety under affirmative action ban (Los Angeles Times)
The Supreme Court Just Put an ‘Extra Burden’ on Application Essays (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Colleges Want to Know More About You and Your ‘Identity’ (New York Times)

Further Reading
‘Holistic’ admissions may struggle to blunt Supreme Court fallout (Times Higher Education)
The Price of Admissions
(The American Conservative)
After Supreme Court Ruling, Can the Essay Get You In? (Inside Higher Ed)
US colleges refashion student essay prompts after ban on affirmative action (Reuters)
Can Harvard Use Application Essays to Discriminate by Race? (Wall Street Journal)
26   After the Supreme Court Ruling: What Comes Next? 
SourcesU.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Race-Conscious Admissions Nationwide (Chronicle of Higher Education)
“A Tragedy for Us All”: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Dissent (The Nation)
The Supreme Court’s Admissions Ruling Mainly Affects Selective Colleges. They’re a Tiny Slice of Higher Ed. (Chronicle of Higher Education)
State affirmative action bans helped White, Asian students, hurt others (Washington Post)

Further Reading
‘Destructive’ and ‘Devastating’: Dissenting Justices Denounce Majority Ruling in Admissions Case (Chronicle of Higher Education)
What Comes After Affirmative Action? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Supporters must bear some blame for affirmative action’s tragic reversal (Times Higher Education)
The Supreme Court’s Segregationists (Chronicle of Higher Education)
On Race and Academia (NY Times)
Affirmative Action's Parasitic Elitism (Glenn Loury)
The White Media Has Missed a Key Part of the Affirmative Action Ruling (Nation)
27   Legacy Admissions Come Under Fire 
SourcesPressure mounts on colleges to ditch ‘legacy’ admissions factor (Washington Post)
The tradition of ‘legacy’ college admissions is under fire. Here’s why. (Washington Post)
Wesleyan University Ends Legacy Admissions (NY Times)

Further Reading
It’s Time to End Legacy Admissions (National Review)
Why is affirmative action OK for those with rich, college-educated parents? (Times Higher Education)
UVA Threads the Needle on Legacy Admissions (Inside Higher Ed)
Virginia Tech Ends Legacy Admissions, Early Decision (Inside Higher Ed)
The Legacy Dilemma: What to Do About Privileges for the Privileged? (NY Times)

Why Some Seats at Elite Colleges Only Go to Prep School Students  (Wall Street Journal)
28   Harvard’s Legacy Admissions Challenged by Civil Rights Group  
SourcesCivil rights complaint targets Harvard’s legacy admissions preference (Washington Post)
New federal complaint targets Harvard legacy admissions, argues they violate federal law (The College Fix)
Harvard’s legacy admissions targeted after race-based criteria ruling (Financial Times)
The U.S. Education Department Could Force Harvard to End Legacy Preferences. But Will It? (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Congressional Democrats reintroduce bill to ban legacy admissions (Higher Ed Dive)

Further Reading
Education Department Urged to Investigate Harvard’s Legacy Admissions (Inside Higher Ed)
Harvard’s Legacy Admissions Challenged After Affirmative Action Ruling (Wall Street Journal)
Lawsuit challenges legacy admissions at Harvard, alleging racial discrimination (GBH News)
Harvard’s Admissions Is Challenged for Favoring Children of Alumni (New York Times)
Association of private New York colleges drops opposition to legacy admissions ban (Higher Ed Dive)
Education Department Opens Civil Rights Investigation into Harvard’s Legacy Admissions (National Review)

Here’s How Yale Is Changing Its Admissions Practices for a New Era (Chronicle of Higher Education)  
Yale Reaches Agreement on Affirmative Action Case (Inside Higher Ed)
Supreme Court Is Asked to Hear a New Admissions Case on Race (NY Times)  
29   Affirmative Action for the 1 Percenters   
SourcesStudy of Elite College Admissions Data Suggests Being Very Rich Is Its Own Qualification (New York Times)
For One College, Dropping Legacy Admissions Is Good PR — Among Other Things (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The Case for Legacy Admissions (Wall Street Journal)

Further Reading
Universities should ditch this rotten legacy (Washington Post)
Do Legacy Admissions Also Benefit the Less Elite? (New York Times)
Justice Thomas on Legacy Admissions (National Review)
Why Elite-College Admissions Matter (The Atlantic)
Class at the Ivy League (City Journal)
A Symposium on Legacy Admissions: Joshua T. Katz (National Association of Scholars)
A Symposium on Legacy Admissions: Bruce Gilley (National Association of Scholars)
Why You Have to Care About These 12 Colleges (The Atlantic)
A Symposium on Legacy Admissions: David Randall (National Association of Scholars)
The Real, Hidden Truth About College Admissions (New York Times)
30   Biden Administration Issues Guidance on Affirmative Action  
SourcesAdministration Urges Colleges to Pursue Diversity Despite Affirmative Action Ban (New York Times)
A National Summit on a Higher Ed ‘Low Point’ (Inside Higher Ed)

Further Reading
Colleges will be able to hide a student’s race on applications. (NY Times)
SFFA Urges Colleges to Shield ‘Check Box’ Data About Race From Admissions Officers (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Rights Chief Calls for ‘Coalition of the Willing’ on Campus Diversity (Inside Higher Ed)
31   Affirmative Action Battle Moves to Scholarships and Financial Aid 
SourcesAffirmative Action Battle Moves to Race-Based College Scholarships (Wall Street Journal)
Colleges scrutinize race-based financial aid after affirmative action ruling (Washington Post)
UNC expands financial aid after affirmative action loss at Supreme Court (Washington Post) 

Further Reading
Colleges decry Supreme Court decision on affirmative action, but most have terrible track records on diversity (The Hechinger Report)
32   Texas Legislature Votes to Keep Tenure But Bans DEI   
SourcesTexas A&M faculty senate president pleased with final outcome of tenure bill (The Eagle)
Tenure Survives in Texas; DEI Offices Do Not (Inside Higher Ed)

Further Reading
Race and Gender Narcissism in Austin (Christopher F. Rufo)
Florida Passes Campus Intellectual Diversity Act, Bans Political Litmus Tests (National Review)
DeSantis signs bill to defund DEI programs at Florida (Washington Post)
Texas Lawmakers Pass Ban on D.E.I. Programs at State Universities (New York Times)
Texas Tenure, Anti-DEI Bills Near Passage—or Death (Inside Higher Ed)
33   Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs Face Growing Scrutiny  
SourcesThe Antidote of Merit, Fairness, and Equality (Minding the Campus)
Every State Trying To Ban Racial Equity Efforts In Colleges And Universities (Essence)
Undoing “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” Requires Alumni Effort (The Martin Center)
Conservatives seek control over public universities with state bills (Washington Post)
The DEI Industry Needs to Check Its Privilege (The Atlantic)

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34   Sex Abuse Survivors File New Lawsuits Against Michigan State and Ohio State  
SourcesVictims of Larry Nassar sue Michigan State, seek release of documents (Washington Post)
Supreme Court clears way for lawsuits against Ohio State University over alleged abuse dating to the 1970s (CNN)

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Ex-Yale Student Found Not Guilty of Rape by Court After Being Suspended Over Same Accusations Presses Forward in Landmark #MeToo Lawsuit (New York Sun)
U.S. Department of Education reaffirms Baylor’s religious exemption in response to sexual harassment complaints (Texas Tribune)
35   FedEd Delays Release of Title IX Final Regulations 
SourcesEducation Department delays final Title IX rules until October (Higher Ed Dive)
Deadline drama: How will the Education Department’s delay of Title IX rules affect colleges? (Higher Ed Dive)

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Due Process or Transgender Protection on Campus? (Independent Institute)
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The “Transformative” Invention of Title IX Sex Tribunals (Simple Justice)
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Final Title IX rules likely to be pushed beyond October (Higher Ed Dive)


Will new state definitions of ‘sex’ exclude transgender students?
(Higher Ed Dive)
Florida College System Must Fire Employees Who Defy Bathroom Ban (Inside Higher Ed)  
Florida state colleges must fire repeat violators of anti-trans bathroom law, board votes (Higher Ed Dive)  

 external ORDERs


36   The Verdict is In on Debt Relief  
SourcesSupreme Court decides the fate of millions of student loan borrowers (The Hechinger Report)
Biden Slams Supreme Court Student-Loan Decision, Announces New Plan to Get around Ruling (National Review)  
Biden pledges new path to student loan relief after judicial setback (Washington Post)
Biden to Try Again to Cancel Student Loan Debt (Wall Street Journal)
Biden, Calling Supreme Court Decision on Student Loans a ‘Mistake,’ Proposes New Basis for Debt Cancellation (NY Sun)

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Student Loans Come Due Again: Many Borrowers Will Lose a Lifeline (The New York Times)
U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Student-Loan Cancellation for Millions of Borrowers (Chronicle of Higher Education)
37   Revamped Payment Programs Offer New Hope for Borrowers  
SourcesBiden Administration to Wipe Out $39 Billion in Student Loans (Wall Street Journal)  
Biden administration to forgive $39 billion in student debt (Los Angeles Times)
President Biden Plans to Change How Students Pay for College (Inside Higher Ed)

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Student Loans Are Emerging From Deep Freeze, and Borrowers Are Confused (Wall Street Journal)
Why Biden’s new SAVE student loan income-driven plan is a game changer (Washington Post)  
Biden Announced Loan Forgiveness a Year Ago. The Battle Was Only Beginning. (Inside Higher Ed)  
Congressional Republicans Seek to Block Income-Based Repayment Plan (Inside Higher Ed)
Republicans aim to roll back new student loan income-driven repayment plan (Higher Ed Dive)  


Eliminate Department of Education, Four Republican Presidential Candidates Say
(Education Next)  
Some GOP candidates want to eliminate the Department of Education. Can they do it? (The Center Square)  
2024 Republicans want to eliminate the Education Department. What would that look like? (The Hill)