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Paideia Times has very useful information, presented with no bias. Trustees get a crazy amount of information — 60 to 100 pages for a meeting. Paideia Times has a good breadth of information and is easy to read — neatly delivered. I can scan it with a cup of coffee! I think it would make me a better trustee and help me govern the college.
• LISA CHIN, PH.D., TRUSTEE, Bellevue College

… There are so many things to worry about as a board member, and, for the most part, academia is not our profession, so it’s helpful to have the balance of what is relevant in governing academia. An article like the Sweet Briar closure points out the pitfalls that we all need to be wary of. Having these snippets in one place, if they cast a wide-enough net is extremely helpful. The categories help people focus on the area that they need to focus on while being able to scan the others.
• MARK KAHRER, TRUSTEE, St. Peter’s University

I really like this idea. The newsletter is well designed and organized.  It has the potential, too, it seems to me, to become a forum for feedback, comment, and ideas…. This is all delightfully
wooly-headed and practical at the same time.
• KENNETH BLAISDELL, former Associate Dean VCU School of Business

Great to see this venture—very sophisticated and impressive. Will look forward to hearing more about it.
George Washington University
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paideia n. education aimed at forming an enlightened, mature mind
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